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Krazy Ivan Psygnosis (Psygnosis)1997 alienmenace aliens digitizedvideo earth france japan liveactors mecha rating-esrb-e russia saudiarabia titlementioned titularcharacter usa
Warfare Game Factory Interactive (GFI Russia)2008 aerodyne arabia city download infantry landvehicle present rating-pegi-12 saudiarabia supplies tropic uvl-missingimages uvl-releases veterancy wasteland weaponsplatforms
Alpha Protocol  Sega (Obsidian Entertainment)2010 2000s abilitycooldown accuracy-motion accuracy-turning adv-ptdistr alarmers ammomagazines ammotypes anticipatorystockpiles asia assaultrifles backstabbing blackmarket blindfiring bodyarmor bossbattles canyon characterbackground city city-moscow-ru city-rome-it city-taipei-tw clandestine classless cloaking clothing comicrelief consequences conspiracy counselor cover-swap coversystem cpplanguage criminalactivity decoys depthoffield dialog-stance dialog-timelimit difficulty difficultyspike directx9 doors doors-autoclosing download drm drm-activation dvd dynamicaccuracy earth empgrenades enemyhealthdisplay equipment-preselect espionage europe firearms gadgets garden graychoices grenades grenadewarning hacking handguns helicopters heroprotagonist hideout hotel indicator-threat interactivedialogs island italy itemglow latemodernperiod launcher levelselection lightbloom lockpicking mansion minigames missionbased moralchoices motionblur multipleendings museum nationalism naturalistic neareast newgameplus news nohealthregen nonlinear npcstrife nsa objectiveindicator officebuilding oldskoolsurveillance openal organizedcrime physx playerstats present privatemilitarycompanies radialmenu railyard rating-esrb-t recurrence-location rogueprotagonist ruins russia saudiarabia save-opportunistic secretfacility secretsociety sequence-defend shieldregen shopping shotguns slums soldiers specialagentprotagonist speedtree stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound steampowered stungrenades stunning submachineguns subtropic subway taiwan terrorists titlementioned titulargroup triad trivialobstacles turrets unarmedfighting uniloc universallanguage unnecessarykilling unrealengine3 walking warehouse watercraft-location wintery winvista winxp x360pad xp-deeds xp-other xp-progress