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Diablo II (Diablo 2;D2)  Blizzard (Blizzard)2000 2hmeleeweapons actionrpg adv-ptdistr amazons arid armyofone attrbasedeq auras automap axes bestsellerseries bink bludgeons bossbattles bows cacophonicvoice capacity-slots caprinoids cdrom chapterreplay chapterreplay-cumulative classbased classlinkedgender cliffhanger compatiblewine containers corpseactions crossbows crossworldcharacters cryokinesis damagetypes dark-limited darkfantasy daylighthorror demonicinvasion demons diablo diablolike direct3d directdraw directx6 drm drm-removed druids dualwielding dungeon eax eax1 electrokinesis elitemobs endlessconflict energyitems energyregen ether evilwins fasttravel-points felinoids forest fullscreen gambling ghosts glide3d goblinoids graverobbing hackandslash healing-gradual healingitems healthbuffer heroprotagonist hive humanoidanimals humid insectoids interrupting inventory itemgenerator itemidentification itempickup-instant itemsets javelins jewelry jokelevel jungle leveluprestoration license-crossplatform limitedcapacity loot-random loot-unexpected lootemup magic magicrings manaburn mapgenerator mediacheck-removed mediaindrive meleeweapons minimap mode-hardcore monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mummies necromancers nontolkienian npcfleeing npcspawning obstacletranslucification oddappliances optionaltasks paladins paperdoll passivesynergy playerexpiration playerprofiles polearms potions premadecharacters presetmaps pve pygmies pyrokinesis quickkeys quicksets quitsave rating-pegi-16 reactos reanimators recallportal recurrence recurrence-character respec restorativegluttony rewardingvandalism ricochetingattacks safezone scrolls scythes selfluminance selfupdate sequelhook serious shieldbash shopping singlesave skeletons socketables sorcery souljar spears stamina stash staves summoning supportnpcs swords swrender tasktracker taxonomy teleporters theurgy thrownweapons titlementioned titularcharacter tooltips toxins tropic twitch undead unknownpast uvl-missingimages voiceovers walking wands wasteland win2k win95 win98 winnt4 xp-deeds xp-kills zombies
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone)  Electronic Arts (Know Wonder)2001 1990s book britain compatiblewine contemporaryfantasy earth fantasticearth harrypotter movie mysticprotagonist unrealengine unrealengine1 wands
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction;D2:LoD)  Blizzard (Blizzard)2001 2hmeleeweapons actionrpg adv-ptdistr armyofone attrbasedeq auras automap axes bestsellerseries bludgeons bossbattles bows caninoids capacity-slots cdrom chapterreplay chapterreplay-cumulative classbased classbasedeq classlinkedgender claws containers corpseactions crossworldcharacters damagetypes dark-limited darkfantasy demonicinvasion demons diablo diablolike directx6 drm drm-removed druids dualwielding dungeon elitemobs endlessconflict energyitems evilwins fasttravel-points fullscreen gambling hackandslash healing-gradual healingitems healthbuffer heroprotagonist inventory itemgenerator itemidentification itempickup-instant itemsets javelins jewelry katar leveluprestoration license-crossplatform limitedcapacity loot-random loot-unexpected lootemup mageslayers magic magic-instant mapgenerator mediacheck-removed mediaindrive meleeweapons minimap mode-hardcore mp-campaign mp-cooperative nontolkienian npcfleeing npcspawning obstacletranslucification optionaltasks paladins paperdoll passivesynergy playerexpiration playerprofiles polearms potions premadecharacters presetmaps pve quicksets quitsave rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16 reanimators recallportal respec restorativegluttony rewardingvandalism ricochetingattacks safezone scrolls selfluminance selfupdate serious shapeshifters shapeshifting shopping singlesave socketables sorcery souljar spears stash staves summoning swords swrender tasktracker taxonomy teleporters therianthropes titularcharacter tooltips twitch voiceovers walking wands werewolves win2k win95 win98 winnt4 winxp xp-deeds xp-kills
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  Electronic Arts (KnowWonder)2002 1990s book britain compatiblewine contemporaryfantasy earth fantasticearth harrypotter magic movie mysticprotagonist unrealengine unrealengine1 wands willowtrees
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts UK)2004 1990s book britain cdrom contemporaryfantasy earth fantasticearth harrypotter movie mysticprotagonist rating-esrb-e unrealengine2 wands
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)2005 1990s book britain cdrom contemporaryfantasy dvd earth fantasticearth harrypotter magic movie mysticprotagonist wands
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)2007 1990s book britain contemporaryfantasy dvd earth fantasticearth harrypotter havokphysics magic movie mysticprotagonist wands
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  Electronic Arts (EA Bright Light Studio)2009 1990s britain contemporaryfantasy dvd earth fantasticearth harrypotter magic movie mysticprotagonist rating-esrb-e10 wands
Torchlight  Runic Games (Runic Games)2009 2hmeleeweapons abilitycriticals achievements achievements-public actionrpg adv-ptdistr adv-static amoeboids animateweapons arcanepunk armyofone attrbasedeq automap axes blankprotagonist bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows capacity-slots capacity-stacks cemetery classbased companion containers cpplanguage criticalchance crossbows crystals demo demons diablolike difficulty direct3d directx9 dissolvingcorpses doors download drm drm-activation dualwielding dualwielding-asymmetric dungeon dungeoncrawler dwarves elitemobs enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen explosiveobjects fasttravel-points fictionaluniverse firearms fishing fmod gameshield gems giantspiders gog handguns healingitems humanoidanimals imps interactivetriggers inventory itemgenerator itemglow itemidentification itempickup-auto itempickup-instant itemsets jewelry karmiccreatures keyboard knives knockback levelbasedeq leveleditor leveluprestoration license-crossplatform lighthearted limitedcapacity loot-random lootemup magic magic-held magic-instant magicrings magicweapons mapgenerator meleeweapons mimics mine minimap mode-endless mode-hardcore modifiable monsters mouse murinoids mutagen neutralnpcs nofailstate nohealthregen obsoletedassets ogre-engine opengl optionaltasks paperdoll plantcreatures playerprofiles polearms portals precisionrifles presetmaps priceinfo projectilecutoff protagonistnaming pygmies pyrokinesis quickkeys quitsave rating-esrb-t recallportal restorativegluttony retrypoints rewardingvandalism robots ruins safepowers sauroids saveonline sciencefantasy shopping silentprotagonist singlesave skipnoninteractive smalldevicemode socketables sorcery stash stash-shared stationaryattack steampowered steamworks stylized subterranean subterraneanrealm suicideattackers summoning swords tilebased title-animated titlementioned titularlocale tooltips torchlight-series town transformativecorruption tripeds undead unknownpast volcanic vorbis walking wands weefolk widescreen winxp xp-deeds xp-kills
Dungeons of Dredmor  Gaslamp Games (Gaslamp Games)2011 1life achievements achievements-public adv-ptdistr alcohol amoeboids ancientenemy axes bludgeons bodyarmor bombs bows brittleabilities capacity-slots chemistry classbased colorblind constrainedlocale cpplanguage crafting crafting-tools crossbows customclass damageinfo damageovertime damagetypes derivedstatistics desura difficulty doors dualwielding dungeon earth effectcancellation enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen extensible gaslampfiction genderchoice grid grid-square healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow hitchance interactivetriggers inventory inventory-supplies launcher leveluprestoration limitedcapacity magic mapgenerator meleeweapons mikmod modsupport monsters multiclassing openal optionaltasks permadeath physfs pixelartscaler polearms potions quickkeys quitsave randomchance robots roguelike save-suspend sdl sdl-mixer shopping sorcery statuseffects staves steampowered steamworks steamworkshop subterranean summoning swords thrownweapons trapdisarming traps ugc unarmedfighting vorbis walking wands xml xp-kills
UnEpic  author (author)2011 ♫takefive 1life achillesheelfoes acid adv-ptdistr amoeboids antiheroprotagonist automap autosavepoints autosaves-periodic axes backstabbing backtracking bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bossmeter bows burning captives carnivorousplants castle cave cemetery chemistry civilianprotagonist clingers constrainedlocale counselor crafting-sites criticalchance damageinfo damageovertime damagetypes dark demo desura difficulty displacementfiction doors draganddrop dragons drm drm-activation edgescroll elementals elevators elves falseending fasttravel-points fauns floatingeyes freezing fromanotherworld gelatinouscubes gems giantants giantgastropods giantinsects giantsnakes giantspiders giantworms goblinoids goblins gog grapplers graverobbing heads healingitems healingstations healthdrops healthwarning hintsystem hitmoderation inbuilttraps indie inventory inventory-supplies invisiblefoes itemgenerator jumping karmiccreatures keys knights knives knockback knockbackwards laboratory ladders lamp langhungarian library loot-random magic magic-ingredients magicrings mapannotation meleeweapons metagaming metroidvania mine moaifigures monsters mystics necromancers neutralmonsters neutralnpcs nofalldamage nonlinear npcdisarming npchealing npcspawning obsoletedassets optionaltasks orcs pet playerstats polearms portals potions premadeprotagonist pressureplates prison quickkeys recallportal respec rewardingvandalism robots roombased savepoints scientists score secrets serialkey sewers sex shallowwater shopping skeletons skillbasedeq sorcery spawners statuseffects stealingnpcs steampowered strangebedfellows suicideattackers supportnpcs swords tasktracker teleport teleporting temporarycompanions tentaclecreatures toxins tutorial undead undefinedelements volcanic vorbis walking wallcrawlers wands xp-kills ziplines
Delver  Priority Interrupt (Priority Interrupt)2012 adv-static alphafunding ambientcreatures amoeboids automap blankprotagonist blood bodyarmor bows chargedattack chiroptera damageovertime dark dissolvingcorpses doors draganddrop dungeon dungeoncrawler firstpersonshooter gianteyeball giantinsects giantspiders giantworms gibs healingitems indevelopment inventory itemgenerator java keys knives ladders leveluprestoration loot-random magic mapgenerator meleeweapons monsters mystics obsoletedassets permadeath physics pixelated potions pressureplates retro roguelite shallowwater skeletons skulls spiders splatter steampowered subterranean swimming swords thrownweapons toxins undead vaporware wands xp-kills
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning  EA Partners (38 Studios;Big Huge Games)2012 actionrpg addons adv-ptdistr advancingattacks amnesia animehair automap backstabbing bighugeengine bink bioluminescence blocking bludgeons bodyarmor boomerangs bossbattles bows capacity-slots castle cave chakrams classbased classbasedeq compass crafting crystals damagetypes demo destiny diaries difficulty dodging drm drm-login drm-online ea-origin elves enemyhealthdisplay energyregen energyupkeep fae fasttravel fasttravel-points fateless forest fortress gems genderchoice giantspiders gnomes havokphysics immortals indicator-poi indicator-threat invisiblewalls itemdurability jewelry junkinventory knives laboratory lasso leveluprestoration limitedcapacity magic magical magicrings magicweapons magneticshoulders meleeweapons metafiction mine minimap monsters music-ballad neutralnpcs nohealthregen npcspawning npcstrife nudity-inhuman objectiveclairvoyance openclassing optionaltasks personalquest potions progressiveattacks protagonistdesigning radar rage rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 rebornprotagonist recastnavigation respec rewardingvandalism screenshake seers shields socketables sorcery specieschoice splatter staves stealing stealth stealthmode steampowered swords thrownweapons town trolls tutorial tutorial-forced tutorial-integrated uniqueprotagonist unlimitedammo unvoicedprotagonist uvl-missingimages vibrant viciouscycle walking wands war weefolk wellcave wellofsouls xinput xp-deeds xp-kills
Avernum: Escape from the Pit  Spiderweb Software (Spiderweb Software)2012 achievements achievements-public acid adv-perks adv-ptdistr amoeboids automap autosaves-periodic avernum boating bodyarmor bows capacity-slots capacity-weight cave cemetery charactercreation combatmode crystals damageovertime dialog-sentences difficulty doors dragons dualwielding encounters-seen enemyhealthdisplay energystations exile fame felinoids forcefields freelancing ghosts giantfungi gianthumanoids giantrats giantspiders giantworms goblins graverobbing grid grid-square group groupcreation healingstations hellhounds interactivedialogs interactivetriggers inventory karmiccreatures knives knockback license-crossplatform limitedcapacity lineofsight lockpicking magic meleeweapons mine mystics neutralmonsters ogres openworld optionaltasks outlaws overworld penalcolony persistentworld polearms priceinfo protagonistnaming randomchance randomdamage rebellion river safepowers sauroids saveanywhere secrets shopping skeletons soldiers sorcery statuseffects stealing steampowered subterranean subterraneanrealm summoning swords tasktracker thrownweapons timeunits titlementioned titularlocale town toxins trapdisarming trash undead vaguegoal volcanic vorbis walking wands war worlddomination xp-deeds xp-kills zombies
Diablo III (Diablo 3)  Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard Entertainment)2012 3ormoreplayers abilitycooldown actionrpg activeabilityset adv-static antagonistawareness auras automap bloodmist bodyarmor bossbattles caprinoids castle cave cemetery chapterreplay chapterreplay-cumulative childlock city classbased classbasedeq claws combatstilettos crafting crossworldcharacters cultists demonicinvasion demonicmenace demons destructibleenvironment diablo diablolike difficulty-charscaling difficulty-players dodgechance doors drm drm-online dungeon elitemobs enemyhealthdisplay energyregen envcombat fasttravel-points fateless fatties fmod forest fortress genderchoice ghosts giantmonsters giants gibs gore hackandslash havokphysics healingitems healthpickups healthregen hell humanoidanimals itemcomparison itemcooldown itemdurability itemgenerator itemidentification jewelry jokelevel karmiccreatures languagefilter levelbasedeq license-crossplatform limitedcapacity lootemup magic mansion meleeweapons metaabilities minimap monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin multilevelsecurity naga nofriendlyfire nontolkienian npcgenerators obsoletedassets palace pinatacreatures polyplopicenemies premadecharacters priceinfo prison prophecy rage rating-bbfc-15 rating-pegi-16 realclock reanimators recallportal recurrence-character recurrence-location retcon ruins sewers shields shopping skeletons socketables sorcery souljar splatter stylized summery summoning swords taxonomy teleport temporarycompanions titlementioned titularcharacter town treants unarmedfighting unconvincingarmor undead undeadanimals unknownpast voiceovers walking wands wasteland wetland wintery xp-kills zombies
Legend of Grimrock II (Legend of Grimrock 2)  Almost Human Games (Almost Human Games)2014 achievements adv-ptdistr airlocks ambientcreatures amoeboids antagonistawareness asphyxiation automap axes blowguns bludgeons bodyarmor bombs bossbattles bossmeter bows capacity-slots capacity-weight castle cemetery charactercreation chemistry circadiancycle classbased cpplanguage crafting crossbows crystals damageinfo damageovertime dark-limited darts difficulty difficulty-ingame directx9 display-1024x768 display-720p dodgechance dungeon dungeoncrawler elementals energyitems energyregen energystations falldamage femaleprotagonist firearms firearms-early forest genderchoice giantcrustaceans giantfrogs giantspiders gianttestudines giantwolves golems graverobbing gridmove grimrock-series groupcreation handcannons hazardouspowers healingitems healingstations healthregen healthregen-slow hitchance humblestore humblewidget hunger hyperenemies ichthyoids improvisedweapons indie injuries insectoids inventory island isolatedlocale jewelry katar keys-disposable knives lamp lamp-powered leveleditor limitedcapacity luggage magic magicrings maleprotagonist mapannotation meleeweapons mimics mine minotaurs murinoids mystics namegenerator noinvpause nomodalpause npcspawning ogres plantcreatures polearms potions randomdamage recurringopponent resting resuscitation revolvers ruins sauroids saveanywhere savepoints secrets semibarriers shadermodel3 shields skeletons slings sorcery speakingstones spears specieschoice ssao staves stealingnpcs steampowered stranded suicideattackers swordandsorcery swords tentaclecreatures throwanything throwback throwingaxes throwingknives throwingstars thrownweapons tinyfoes undead undefinedelements underwater underwaterwalking walking wands wetland winvista winxp
Ziggurat  Milkstone Studios (Milkstone Studios)2014 achillesheelfoes adv-objects adv-perks adv-static alternateattack ambientocclusion amoeboids bgnpccleanup blankprotagonist bossbattles bossmeter capacity-toolslots directx10 download dungeoncrawler elimination encounters-popup enemyhealthdisplay fovoption heads healthdrops healthpickups heathaze inbuilttraps karmiccreatures langhungarian lava limitedcapacity loot-random magic magicartefacts magicweapons maleprotagonist monsters motionblur mycoids mysticprotagonist mystics nohealthregen npctargetleading permanentloss plantcreatures prematurechallenge randomstartingequipment rewardingvandalism roombased secrets shallowwater silentprotagonist skeletons sorcery spectres steampowered titlementioned titularlocale undead unity-engine unlockable-characters unlockable-items unrootedplants wands winvista winxp xp-objects
Salt and Sanctuary  Ska Studios (Ska Studios)2016 actionadventure adv-objects adv-ptdistr airdash armorupgrades axes backtracking blocking bludgeons bodyarmor bossarenas bossbattles bossmeter bows chargedattack combomoves crossbows damageinfo damagetypes dark-limited deathpenalty desaturated dropplatforms enemypowerupondeath energyitems energystations fasttravel fasttravel-points femaleprotagonist firearms flyingislands genderchoice gibs gloomy grapplers handguns healingitems healingstations imperfecthealing inbuilttraps indie inventory knives ladders lamp ledges loot-random magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons metroidvania mimics movingplatforms mp-cooperative npcenvironmentalvulnerability npcspawning polearms safeledges scythes secrets shields shortcutopening skillbasedeq sorcery soulslike splatter stamina statuseffects steampowered stranded swords tangiblefoes tripwires tumbling undefinedelements unlimitedlives uvl-steamcoveragecheck walljumping wands weaponupgrades whips xp-kills xp-objects