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Robot Warlords (Velvet File;ヴェルベット ファイル)  Midas Interactive Entertainment;Nexus Interact (DaZZ)2000 2000s cdrom grid grid-square japan mecha rating-elspa-11 tacticalrpg uvl-missingimages war
Real Pool (International Cue Club;EX Billiards)  Takara;Infogrames;Midas (Takara)2000 cdrom cuesports rating-elspa-3 rating-esrb-e uvl-missingimages
Go Go Golf (Magical Sports Go Go Golf)  Midas Interactive Entertainment;Mahou (Mahou)2000 cdrom golf
Silpheed: The Lost Planet  Working Design;Capcom;Swing! Deutschland (Treasure)2000 cdrom score silpheed
Aqua Aqua: Wetrix 2 (Aqua Aqua;Aquaqua)  SCI;Imagineer;3DO (Zed Two Limited)2000 cdrom fallingblocks spatiallogic wetrix-series
Super Bust-a-Move (Super Puzzle Bobble)  Taito (Taito)2000 cdrom deceptivepackaging rating-esrb-e rating-sell-tp visualmatching
Theme Park World (Sim Theme Park;Theme Park Roller Coaster;Theme Park 2001)  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)2000 amusementpark cdrom cmsgame qsound rating-elspa-3 rating-esrb-e rating-sell-tp themepark-series
Ring of Red  Konami (KCE Studios)2001 1960s alternatetimeline cdrom combatmode grid grid-square mecha spiderbots tactical tacticalrpg walkers war
Tokyo Road Race (Battle Gear 2;バトルギア2)  Taito;Midas Interactive Entertainment (Taito)2001 cdrom rating-elspa-3
Crazy Taxi  Acclaim (Sega;Acclaim)2001 car cdrom challenges city crazytaxi music-rock platinum present rating-elspa-3 rating-esrb-t rating-sell-tp score taxi usa
Bloody Roar 3  Activision (Eighting)2001 bloodyroar cdrom rating-esrb-t rating-usk-12 shapeshifters shapeshifting therianthropeprotagonist therianthropes
Stretch Panic (Freak Out;Hippa Linda;ひっぱリンダ)  Swing! Deutschland;Conspiracy Entertainment;Midas Interactive Entertainment (Treasure)2001 cdrom femaleprotagonist rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-t uvl-missingimages uvl-techlimitation
Top Gun: Combat Zones (Top Gun: Ace of the Sky)  Titus (Digital Integration)2001 cdrom movie platinum rating-elspa-3 rating-sell-tp
Frequency  SCEI (Harmonix Music Systems)2001 cdrom psychedelic uvl-missingimages
Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land (BUSIN ~Wizardry Alternative~)  Atlus;Ubi Soft (Racjin)2001 cdrom gridmove neutralmonsters rating-sell-12 spinoff subterraneanrealm wizardry
Psyvariar: Complete Edition  Empire Interactive;Success Corporation (Success Corporation)2002 cdrom manicshooter rating-elspa-11 scrollingshooter verticalscreen
Star Wars: Racer Revenge  LucasArts (Rainbow Studios)2002 cdrom rating-elspa-3 rating-esrb-e starwars uvl-tiein
P.T.O. IV: Pacific Theater of Operations (Teitoku no Ketsudan IV;提督の決断IV)  Koei (Koei)2002 cdrom pto-series rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 wargame worldwar2
Mobile Light Force 2 (Shikigami no Shiro;式神の城;MLF 2;The Castle of Shikigami)  XS Quest;Taito (Alfa System)2002 castleshikigami cdrom manicshooter premadecharacters rating-cero-a rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-12 scrollingshooter
Barbarian (Warrior Blade: Rastan vs. Barbarian)  Titus;Taito (Saffire)2002 3ormoreplayers barbarianprotagonist cdrom rastan-series rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-t uvl-missingimages
Sega Sports Tennis (Virtua Tennis 2 -Sega Professional Tennis-;Power Smash 2 -Sega Professional Tennis-)  Sega;Acclaim Entertainment (Hitmaker)2002 3ormoreplayers cdrom racquetsports rating-elspa-3 rating-esrb-e rating-usk-0 tennis virtuatennis
Space Invaders:Invasion Day (Space Raiders;Chikyū Shinryakugun: Space Raiders;地球侵略群: スペースレイダース;Simple 2000 Series Vol. 52: The Chikyū Shinryakugun ~Space Raiders~;Simple 2000 Series Vol. 52: THE 地球侵略群 ~スペースレイダース~)  Taito;Sammy (Taito)2002 alieninvasion bossbattles cdrom fixedshooter mode-survival rating-pegi-12 simple2000 spaceinvadersseries
Mojo!  Crave Entertainment;Mindscape (FarSight Studios)2003 abstract-location cdrom rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3
Star Academy  Monte Cristo Multimédia (WideScreen Games)2003 cdrom tvgameshow
Steel Dragon EX (Simple 2000 Series Vol. 37: The Shooting: Double Shienryu;Simple 2000 Series Vol. 37: THE シューティング ~ダブル紫炎龍~)  D3 Publisher;Midas Interactive Entertainment (Midas Interactive Entertainment)2003 bossbattles budget cdrom lives manicshooter score scrollingshooter simple2000