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Reign of Fire  BAM! Entertainment (Kuju Entertainment)2002 2020s 21stcentury alternatecampaigns dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western earth future humanprotagonist movie mythicalprotagonist rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-m tank tanks
Shinobi  Sega (Overworks)2002 actionadventure aerialattacksuspension airdash alone animals asia asia-east autorun autosavepoints bossbattles city city-tokyo-jp controlconfig dashing deathpits dodging dogs dying encounters-popup giantmonsters hackandslash helicopters insectoids japan magic meleeweapons midairjumping missionbased monsters ninja ninja-theme ninjaprotagonist noenergyregen npcgenerators rage rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m revenge rooftops ruins serious shinobi-series sorcery streamerscarf swords tanks thrownweapons titularcharacter undead walking wallclinging wallrunning
Hulk (The Hulk)  Vivendi Universal Games (Radical Entertainment)2003 antiheroprotagonist bossbattles chargedattack destructibleenvironment difficulty dissolvingcorpses hulk hypermuscles marvel movie mutantprotagonist mutants npcspawning rage rooftops savepoints sequence-stealth sewers superhero-theme superpower-theme superpowers tanks titularcharacter tutorial unarmedfighting
Tank Elite (Simple 2000 Series Vol. 32: The Sensha;Simple 2000 Series Vol. 32: THE 戦車) D3 Publisher;Agetec (Vingt-et-un Systems)2003 budget simple2000 tank tanks
Destroy All Humans! One Giant Step On Mankind (DAH1;Destroy All Humans!)  THQ (Pandemic Studios)2005 1950s 4thwallbroken absolutearmor actionadventure alienprotagonist aliens animals autosavepoints beamweapons bossbattles bovines california challenges city deadlywater destroyallhumans-series destructibleenvironment dolbyprologic2 earth energyregen energyshields energyweapons fallbackweapon falldamage flyingsaucers gamespy grenadelaunchers greys hapticfeedback havokphysics itemglow itemrespawn jumping jumppack latemodernperiod lostequipment meninblack mindcontrol neuterprotagonist neutralnpcs nochildren northamerica npcfriendlyfire openworld openworld-restricted optionaltasks outdoors past psychicpowers psychics radar robots sequence-defend shieldregen tanks telekinesis tutorial voiceovers walkers walking widescreen
PanzerTales: World Tank Museum for GAME (World Tank Museum For Game Toubu Sensen)  Success (Succes)2005 tanks
WWII: Tank Battles  Midas Interactive Entertainment (Interactive Vision)2006 earth missionbased naturalistic rating-pegi-12 tank tanks war worldwar2