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Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward  VU Games (High Voltage Software)2003 axes bodyarmor cemetery chainsaw chapterreplay city contemporaryfantasy demons difficulty dismemberment dodging dualwielding energystations fantasticearth femaleprotagonist firearms flamethrowers ghosts ghosttown grenadelaunchers handguns healingstations healthdrops jumping leveluprestoration lifepowered lives machineguns magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons middleagedprotagonist monsterhunters mp-cooperative playerprogression premadecharacters prison rescuees rewardingvandalism rockets rooftops rotaryguns secrets serious shotguns sickles sorcery stonecreatures subway suicideattackers swords temple tower undead undeadanimals unlockable-characters unlockable-costumes unlockable-difficulty unusualprotagonist werewolves witches worldofdarkness xp-kills youngadultprotagonist zombies
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning  Vivendi Universal Games (Krome Studios)2006 actionadventure adv-ptdistr aimassist ancientenemy animalpeople aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 autosavepoints bossbattles breathweapons charging counselor crystals difficulty-single dissolvingcorpses dolbyprologic2 dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western elevatorbattle falldamage flyingislands forest giantfungi gliding heroprotagonist insectoids ledges legendofspyro magic midairjumping mine monsters mushroomforest mythicalprotagonist naturalweapons noenergyregen nohumans primates rage rating-esrb-e10 reboot rescue retrypoints rewardingvandalism slavery spyro subterranean temple titularcharacter treants tutorial unarmedfighting uniqueprotagonist walking widescreen wintery
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night  Sierra Entertainment (Krome Studios)2007 actionadventure adv-objects adv-ptdistr aicheat ancientenemy animalpeople anticipatorystockpiles aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 autosavepoints bossbattles breathweapons bullettime caninoids chargedattack childprotagonist cloakednpcs deadlywater difficulty-single dissolvingcorpses dragonprotagonist dreamworld elements falldamage flyingislands forest giantfungi giantmonsters gliding insectoids legendofspyro lostpowers magic midairjumping monsters movingplatforms mushroomforest mythicalprotagonist noenergyregen npcteleporting pain pirates primates rage rating-esrb-e10 recurringopponent retrypoints sequence-turret skyships spyro teleport temple titularcharacter treants tutorial unarmedfighting unusualprotagonist walking widescreen