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Hyper Olympic Series: Track & Field GB (International Track & Field)  Konami (KCE Nagoya)1999 consoleclassix multisport olympic supergameboy trackandfield
Carl Lewis Athletics 2000  Ubi Soft (Planet Interactive Development)2000 decathlon discusthrow highjump hurdles-110m javelinthrow longjump noconsoleclassix polevault professionalathlete shotput sprint-100m trackandfield
Konami GB Collection Vol. 2  Konami (Konami)2000 frog noconsoleclassix parodius trackandfield
ESPN International Track & Field (International Track & Field: Summer Games;Ganbare! Nippon Olympic 2000: GB Edition)  Konami (KCEO)2000 espn gameboycompatible noconsoleclassix olympic trackandfield