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Ho-Tel ? (?)? 21stcentury alcohol bribing browser captives clothingchanges currency digitizedimages disease dressup drugs earth firearms group handguns hygiene knives latemodernperiod meleeweapons nudity present prostitutes prostitutionsim realworld shopping tutorial ugc walking
Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms (MMHK;Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms;HOMM Kingdoms)  Ubisoft Entertainment (Ubisoft Entertainment)2009 4ormoreresources angels ashan auctions backgroundprogress basebuilding browser cerberi demons dominion dragons druids ecmascript elves eventlog excessivewaiting externalnotification free free2play grid grid-square gryphons homm infiniteresources ingametitle itembinding logistics magic mail marketfluctuation mightandmagic mmog newbieprotection noglobalresources opponentpowerdisplay periodicreset polycephalids pve pvp pvpfocus recruiting resourcetransfer rpsmechanics sorcery stockpiles structureexpansions structureupgrades subscription succubi trading tutorial undead upkeep war
The Bible Online (The Bible Online: Heroes) FIAA (FIAA)2010 arabia browser charactercreation earth mmog palestine recruiting tutorial uvl-tiein warfare-land
Jagged Alliance Online  gamigo;Cliffhanger Productions Software (Cliffhanger Productions Software)2012 adv-ptdistr assaultrifles bodyarmor chainreactions earth explosiveobjects facing fieldofvision firearms freemium grenades grid-hex handguns healingitems hitchance itemdurability jaggedalliance levelbasedeq machineguns naturalistic persistentminions precisionrifles present privatemilitarycompanies pve pvp reload-manual rentalservice shotguns skillbasedeq stealth steampowered submachineguns tactical timeunits tropic tutorial tutorial-forced unity-engine xp-kills
Card Hunter  Blue Manchu (Blue Manchu)2013 achillesheelfoes acid adv-static amoeboids bloodless browser burning cardbased cardbattle chapterreplay charging classbased collectiblecardgame combatanimals consistentdamage damageovertime damagetypes demons dicemechanics diorama draganddrop dwarves elves enemyhealthdisplay equipmentabilities equipmentbased facing flash freemium friendlyfire gambling goblins grid grid-square hazardouspowers indie inventory knockback levelselection magic medieval meleeweapons microtransactions monsters mp-matchmaking mp-spectating mp-versus mystics namegenerator polearms postcombatrestoration randomchance sauroids singleactionturns skeletons sorcery subscription tasteofpower tooltips tutorial tutorial-interactive undead xp-deeds