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Apricot FLY  Pussy CAT (Pussy CAT)? visualnovel
Asuka  BTB Software (BTB Software)? visualnovel
Asuka 2  BTB Software (BTB Software)? visualnovel
Asuka X  BTB Software (BTB Software)? visualnovel
Cosmos Club (コスモスクラブ)  JAST (JAST)? visualnovel
Crescent Moon Gaaru (クレセントムーンがぁる)  Alice Soft (Alice Soft)? visualnovel
Cross Changer (クロスチェンジャー)  Ucom (Ucom)? visualnovel
Fairy Angel  Software Circle Courreges (Software Circle Courreges)? visualnovel
Gambler Queen's Cup (ギャンブラー Queen's Cup;Queen's Cup)  Queen Soft (Queen Soft)? visualnovel
Possessioner (ポゼッショナー)  Queen Soft (Queen Soft)? visualnovel
Scar  Leaf (Leaf)? visualnovel
Sotsugyou Shashin Episode 2 - Raspberry Dream (卒業写真2 ~ラズベリードリーム~;Sotsugyou Shashin 2 Raspberry Dream)  Janis? visualnovel
Bishoujo Noriko (媚少女NORIKO)  New System House Oh ! (New System House Oh !)1988 visualnovel
Pokky 2 Kaijin Aka Manteau no Chousen (ポッキー2 怪人赤マントの挑戦)  ?1989 visualnovel
Psy-O-Blade (サイオブレード)  T&E Soft (T&E Soft)1989 spacecraft-location visualnovel
Abunai Tengu Densetsu (あぶない天狗伝説-よみがえった天狗が夜空を舞う-)  Alice Soft (Alice Soft)1989 licensechange visualnovel
Custom Mate 2  Cocktail Soft (Cocktail Soft)199? visualnovel
Alice no Yakata (アリスの館)  Alice Soft (Alice Soft)1990 visualnovel
Can Can Bunny Superior (Can Can Bunny 2 Superior;きゃんきゃんバニー2 スペリオール;Can Can Bunny 2)  Cocktail Soft (Cocktail Soft)1990 cancanbunny visualnovel
Arcshu: Kagerou no Jidai o Koete Wolf Team (Wolf Team)1990 commercial interactivefiction license-proprietary parody visualnovel
PIAS (ピアス;PIAS;ピアス)  Birdy Soft (Birdy Soft)1990 visualnovel
Silent Möbius - Case Titanic (サイレントメビウス Case Titanic;Silent Mobius)  Gainax (Gainax)1990 2020s anime earth future paranormal silentmobius uvl-imageediting visualnovel
Cal (キャル)  Birdy Soft (Birdy Soft)1990 cal-series visualnovel
D.P.S. SG (Dream Program System SG)  Alice Soft (Alice Soft)1990 dps-series visualnovel
Artemis (アルテミス)  Birdy Soft (Birdy Soft)1991 visualnovel