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Anakarishumanoid maleMummy. Anakaris has an omnious premonition of someone with a will of great strength coming from very far away.4
Anitahumanoid femaleA silent girl with telekinetic powers. A minor character.0
B.B. Hoodhumanoid femaleShe started her Darkhunter profession as droves of creatures from Makai flowed into the human world.3
Bishamonunknown maleCursed Samurai When Bishamon was looking around in his friends old antique shop, as if drawn by fate, he found a piece of armor and a sword.3
Demitri Maximoffunknown maleVampire. Ominous clouds of ill-omen obscure the castle. Pale moonlight shrines forth into Lord Maximov's inner chamber... he is awake!6
Donovan Bainehumanoid maleDark Hunter, who is out to kill all Dark Stalkers A dhampir.2
Feliciahumanoid femaleCat woman Felicia's dreams of becoming a musical star has finally come true.7
Hsien-Kohumanoid femaleChinese Ghost. Wants revenge against the Dark Stalkers that killed her mother, sister, and herself in the 1700s.3
Huitzilrobot Mayan Robot2
Jedah Dohmahumanoid maleDark Messiah. Jedah was resurrected in the barren outskirts of Makai.0
Jon Talbainhumanoid maleWerewolf In the light of a full moon, Talbain trembles with increasing fear as he feels the existence of a vicious animal throughout his body.2
Lilith Aenslandhumanoid femaleLilith is the embodiment of excess evil that was once part of Morrigan.5
Lord Raptorhumanoid maleZombie He was young and charismatic young rocker.0
Lord Raptorhumanoid maleThe murderous Raptor had been dead for twenty years.1
Morrigan Aenslandhumanoid femaleSuccubus. She appears as a beautiful woman with long, light green hair, and bat-like wings on her back and the sides of her head.13
Pyronunknown Alien. Thinks he should rule the Dark Stalkers.2
Q-Beehumanoid femaleShe is the leader of the Soul Bee race.1
Rikuounknown maleDeep beneath the Amazon lied the kingdom of the mermen.3
Sasquatchunknown Bigfoot3
Shadowunknown A minor character.0
Victor von Gerdenheimhumanoid maleFrankenstein. A few months have passed since Emily, Victor's innocent sister, has stopped functioning.2
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