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Alexbeast Alex is a raptor. Was genetically created by Dr. Boskonovich0
Angelhumanoid femaleAngel is the other half to Kazuya's soul and represents his good side.0
Anna Williamshumanoid femaleaka Lightning Scarlet Sister of Nina.2
Armor Kinghumanoid maleKing's mentor and companion.0
Asuka Kazamahumanoid femaleTekken 53
Baek Doo Sanhumanoid maleTae Kwon Do1
Bruce Irvinhumanoid maleKick-boxing0
Bryan Furyhumanoid maleKickboxer, ex international police officer1
Christie Monteirohumanoid femaleCapoeira fighter.14
Combotrobot Combot is a general-purpose humanoid robot that Lee Chaolan entered in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 as a part of his scheme to win.0
Craig Mardukhumanoid maleVale Tudo fighter2
Devilbeast The ultimate embodiment of all the evil in Kazuya's soul.0
Devil Jindemon male2
Eddy Gordounknown Brazilian. Capoeira fighter.0
Feng Weihumanoid maleTekken 52
Forest Lawunknown Martial arts0
Ganryuhumanoid maleSumo wrestler0
Gonbeast Tiny little dinosaur0
Gunjackunknown 0
Heihachi Mishimahumanoid maleThe lord of the first Iron Fist tournament
Tekken, SoulCalibur
Hwoaranghumanoid maleTae Kwon Do3
Jackrobot Military cyborg1
Jack 2robot Another robot of the Jack series.1
Jin Kazamahumanoid maleJudo-Karate fighter7
Julia Changhumanoid femaleChinese martial arts. Michelle follower, Julia was a college student studying archeology.8
Jun Kazamahumanoid femaleAiki - jujitsu fighter2
Kazuya Mishimahumanoid maleOldest son of Heihachi Mishima.4
Kinghumanoid maleWrestler2
King 2ndunknown Wrestler0
Kumabeast Bear0
Kuma Jr.beast Bear0
Kunimitsuhumanoid femaleSwastika Ninja Arts fighter0
Lee Chaolanhumanoid maleKazuya's foster brother1
Lei Wulonghumanoid maleKempo fighter2
Leohumanoid male1
Lilihumanoid femaleFirst appearance in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. She's 16-years old and is born in Monaco.17
Ling Xiaoyuhumanoid femaleChinese fighter11
Marshall Lawhumanoid male5
Michelle Changhumanoid femaleKempo fighter3
Miharu Hiranohumanoid femaleMiharu is Xiaoyu's friend from school. Xiaoyu probably met her when she moved to Japan.0
Mokujinunknown Oak wood training dummy1
Nina Williamshumanoid femaleAikido28
Ogrehumanoid maleFinal Boss in Tekken 3.0
Pandabeast Xiaoyu's female Panda1
Paul Phoenixhumanoid maleAmerican bodyguard4
Prototype Jackunknown To counter the Russian Jack project, Heihachi created Prototype Jack.0
Ravenhumanoid maleTekken 5 Ninjutsu1
Rogerbeast A kangaroo genetically created by Dr. Boskonovich0
Steve Foxhumanoid maleBritish boxer1
Tetsujinunknown Solid steel training dummy0
Tiger Jacksonhumanoid maleEddy Gordo alter-ego0
True Ogreunknown 0
Violethumanoid maleViolet is a majority shareholder and the de facto leader of a manufacturer of humanoid robots.0
Wang Jinreyunknown Shini-Roku-Go-Ken fighter1
Yoshimitsuhumanoid maleIndian Stance, Meditation, and Poison Wind Arts
Tekken, SoulCalibur
Zafinahumanoid female2
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