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Admiral Yarofevhumanoid maleHe is the captain of the Russian submarine, and searches for the Spear of Destiny.0
Ahmedhumanoid maleEgyptian travel guide and treasure thief. (TR4)0
Ahmetbeast Are encounter in the level Temple of Horus, but unless you make a mistake in the scales riddle, they stay in their cage.0
Amanda Everthumanoid female0
Anton Grishumanoid maleCoach and trainer at St. Aicard's Church in Paris. (TR6)0
Arnaudhumanoid maleBouchard's former employee and Monstrum victim. (TR6)0
Assassinhumanoid maleElderly British assassin hired by Sophia Leigh. (TR3)0
Bernardhumanoid maleFormer janitor at Le Serpent Rouge club in Paris. (TR6)0
Billyhumanoid maleWorks for Dr. Willard at RX-Tech. (TR3)0
Bobhumanoid maleGang leader of the Damned who lives inside Lud's Gate in London. (TR3)0
Brother Chan Barkhanghumanoid maleTibetan monk who was missioned to retrieve the Seraph. (TR2)0
Charles Kanehumanoid maleLong-time friend of the Croft family. (TR5)0
Claudiohumanoid maleMember of the Italian Fiamma Nera cult. (TR2)0
Commander Bishophumanoid maleCommander of the Australian Army. (TR3)0
Compsognathusbeast 0
Daniel Renneshumanoid maleOwner of Rennes Pawnshop and specialist in illegal activities. From Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (TR6)0
Doormanhumanoid maleBouchard's bodyguard and doorman to St. Aicard's Graveyard. (TR6)0
Dr. Grant Mullerhumanoid maleHead of the botanical research wing in the Strahov Fortress in Prague. (TR6)0
Dr. Mark Willardhumanoid maleScottish scientist who works for RX-Tech in Antarctica. (TR3)0
Eroshumanoid maleMember of the Italian Fiamma Nera cult. (TR2)0
Flamethrower menhumanoid maleFound in in Tomb Raider 2 and Golden Mask.0
Francinehumanoid femalePierre's ex-girlfriend. (TR6)0
Jacqueline Natlahumanoid femaleCEO of Natla Technologies and one of the original rulers of Atlantis. (TR1)0
Jean-Yveshumanoid maleLara's archaeologist friend from Egypt. (TR4)0
Joachim Karelhumanoid maleSole survivor of the biblical nephilim race. (TR6)0
Karelhumanoid maleFrom Angel of Darkness0
Kristina Boazhumanoid femaleHead of surgery at the Strahov Psychiatric Institute in Prague. (TR6)0
Kurtis Trenthumanoid maleSole descendant of the Lux Veritatis and ex-legionnaire, helps Lara. (TR6)0
Lara Crofthumanoid femaleArchaeologist and author of travel books, she is the daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft and Lady Croft. She was born on February 14th 1967 in Wimbledon England.
Tomb Raider, Female protagonist
Larsonhumanoid maleFound in Tomb Raider 1 and Chronicles0
Louis Bouchardhumanoid male0
Marco Bartolihumanoid maleIs the main boss in Tomb Raider 20
Margot Carvierhumanoid femaleFrom Angel of Darkness0
Marten Gundersonhumanoid maleFrom Angel of Darkness0
Pierrehumanoid maleFrom Tomb Raider 1 and Chronicles0
Pieter Van Eckhardthumanoid malePieter Van Eckhardt is a genius from the 14th century. He is also known as the "black alchemist". (TR6)0
Sethbeast the boss in the last level of Tomb Raider 4, Temple of Horus0
Sophia Leighhumanoid femaleHead of Leigh Cosmetics Corporation in London. (TR3)0
Spirit of Brother Obscurahumanoid maleFrom Angel of Darkness0
Vladmir Kaletademon male700-year-old Vernadat demon from the Black Isle in Ireland. (TR5)0
Werner Von Croyhumanoid maleWerner von Croy is an Archaeologist and Lara's former mentor0
Winstonhumanoid maleWinston is Lara's Butler in the games0
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