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ClockWize 181989/1990
Grafix Wizards 21989/1990
NeoWiz 42005/2010
Wizarbox 22deadFR200320132003/2012Website: Declared bankrupt in 2012-12 and closed on 2013 …
Wizard Development 21985/1985
Wizard Games 131989/1991
Wizard Games Incorporated 1
Wizard in the Moon 22003/2003
Wizard Video Games 31983/1983
Wizards of the Coast 17activeUS19902008/2015Website:
WizardWorks Software 41deadUS20041990/2001Acquired by GT Interactive in 1996, ceased to function as a company sometime between …
Wizbang Software 21996/1999
Wizcat 31992/1996

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