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--- 5JP1999/2001
---- JP1983
07th Expansion 31activeJP20022002/2017
13cm 11activeJP19931996/2007
A Wave 15JP1990/1998
A-Max 6JP1994/2004
A.I 3activeJP19901989/1994
ABA 7JP1992/1992General Business Assist
Able 4activeJP19861986/2004
Abogado Powers 6JP1996/2002アボガドパワーズ
Access Games 10activeJP20022004/2015
Acid Plan 3JP1992/1996
Acquire 45activeJP19941998/2016
Active 47activeJP1991/2008
Ado Soft 1JP1981/1981
Advance Communication Company 15JP1987/1993
Aicom 18deadJP198919961988/2015
Alfa System 48activeJP19881988/2011
Alice Soft 117activeJP19891989/2011Eroge publisher who started out from PC-88 and PC-98 platforms and later moving …
Alpha Unit 9activeJP1999/2009Native name: アルファユニット
Alvion 2activeJP1999/2010株式会社アルヴィオン (kabushiki-gaisha aruvion) HQ: Suita, Osaka …
AM3 4activeJP19951997/2000Sega's research & development department 3. Changed their name to Hitmaker …
Ambrella 3activeJP19962004/2011Was formerly a part of Marigul Management.
Ange 9JP1991/2001
Another 10deadJP19911986/1989
AQ Interactive 16activeJP20052005/2013株式会社AQインタラクティブ (kabushiki kaisha AQ intarakutibu) Website …
Arc System Works 156activeJP19881988/2017Founder: Minoru Kidooka HQ: Yokohama, Japan Website: http://www.arcsystemworks …
ASCII 295deadJP198320021981/2010ASCII Corporation Website:
Ask Kodansha 67JP1984/2003
Asmik 79name changedJP198519971986/2003Asmik Corporation. Merged in 1997 with Ace Entertainment to Asmik Ace Entertainment …
Asmik Ace Entertainment 22JP19971991/2003Fusion of Asmik Corporation and Ace Entertainment in 1997.
Aspect 20activeJP19911991/2011Aspect Co. Ltd (アスペクト株式会社) is a Japanese based video game company …
ASTRO PORT 9activeJP2010/2017Website:
Atelier Double 20activeJP19861987/2002
Athena 70nomoregamesJP19871988/2002
Atlus 397activeJP19861987/2017
Bandai 812name changedJP195020061982/2012On March 31, 2006, it merged with Namco Ltd. and was renamed Bandai Namco Games …
Banpresto 320nomoregamesJP19891990/2012
Big Club 2JP1989/1989
Big West Advertising 3activeJP1984/1993Big West Advertising Co., Ltd. (BWA) is a Japanese advertising agency. They are …
Bihou 1activeJP2009/2009Bihou Co. Ltd.
Bits Laboratory 22JP19851984/1996Also known as "Workss". When the name change exactly happened is yet unknown …
Brizo Interactive 1activeJP20032009/2009Brizo Interactive Corporation is a Japanese publishing and game development, founded …
BROCCOLI 39activeJP19941999/2015ブロッコリー Website:
C's Ware 15JP1993/2007C's Ware is a company from Tokyo, Japan developing story driven interactive …
Caltron 3deadJP1991/1993Caltron Industries Inc. developed unlicensed NES & Famicom games; published 1 themselves …
Capcom 1035activeJP19831984/2017Founded on June 11, 1983 as Japan Capsule Computer by I.R.M. Corporation (May 30 …
Carry Lab 24deadJP198119881983/1989
cavia 17boughtJP200020102002/2010Cavia, Inc. 株式会社キャビア (kabushiki kaisha kyabia) HQ: Tokyo …
Chat Noir 20JP1986/2003
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