Companies by country - Finland

10tons Entertainment 45FI1983/2019
Amersoft 5FI1985/1986
BeiZ 2FI2013/2013
Black Sushi Studios 1FI
Bugbear Entertainment 16activeFI20002001/2018HQ: Helsinki Website:
Bugbyte 9activeFI20122014/2016Bugbyte Ltd. HQ: Turku Website:
Chart Top Design 1deadFI1986/1986
Ctrl Alt Ninja 1activeFI20152019/2019Full official name: Ctrl Alt Ninja Oy HQ: Espoo, Finland Website: http://www …
Frozenbyte 38activeFI20012005/2017HQ: Helsinki Website:
Futuremark Games Studio 6activeFI20082009/2012Futuremark itself was formed back in 1997, but their game studio only in 2008-01 …
Gamelion 6activeFI20022009/2012Gamelion Studios is an independent award-winning developer of video games and entertainment …
Hatfuls Games 1FI
Housemarque 26activeFI19951993/2017Housemarque Oy Housemarque Inc. Founders: Harri Tikkanen, Ilari Kuittinen HQ …
Instant Kingdom 3activeFI19982003/2015HQ: Jyväskylä Website:
Nitro Games 4activeFI20072001/2011HQ: Kotka Website:
Pure-Byte 3FI1986/1992
Recoil Games 5activeFI2011/2012HQ: Helsinki Website:
Remedy Entertainment 17activeFI19951996/2019Type: Private HQ: Espoo Founded by some members of Future Crew demoscene group …
Rovio 55activeFI20032008/2019Full name: Rovio Entertainment Oy, Rovio Entertainment Ltd. HQ: Espoo Founders …
Secret Exit Game Development 2activeFI20062005/2005Our company was founded in 2006 with the goal of developing good games with good …
Two Men and a Dog 1FI
21 companies.

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