Companies with name starting with 'f'

F and C 4activeJAP20052004/2009
F&C 12activeJP1997/2014
F2 System 21997/1999
F4 1activeFR20022006/2006formerly F4-Toys Website:
FAB Communication 61998/2000
Fabrication Games 1activeSE20092010/2010Fabrication Games was founded after a MBO of Jadestones Mobile department. It is …
Fabrik Games 12016/2016
Fabtek 13198819961988/1997
Face 25JP1989/1998
Facepalm Games 72013/2015
Factor 5 30activeGER198820011988/2007Founded in 1987
Failbetter Games 62015/2017
Fairchild Camera and Instrument 22deadUS197519781976/1978Sometime in 1975, Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation, decided to enter …
Fairy Dust 151990/1997
Fairy Tale 151987/2005
Fairylight Designs 11996/1996
Fairytale Red Zone 711987/2000
Fakt Software 52005/2016
Falcon 81981/1998
Falcon Bryggerier 21998/2001
FamilySoft 48JP19871987/1999
Fan's Brother 1
Fanafzar Game Studios 1activeIR20062010/2010Gaming division of Fanafzar Sharif Software Company. Based in Iran homepage
FantaBlade Network 12018/2018
Fantastic Software 71981/1987
Fantasy Flight Games 52013/2013
Fantasy Productions 31992/1998
Fantasy Software 91983/1984
Farbs 52007/2009
Farrware 21991/1992
FarSight Studios 291991/2015
FASA Studio 8deadUS198020071998/2007Founders: Jordan Weisman, L. Ross Babcock HQ: Redmond, Washington Subsidiary …
Fathammer 82005/2008
Fathom Pictures 51991/1994
Fatshark 14activeSE2010/2016HQ: Stockholm Website:
FCI 37nomoregamesUS19861985/1995American arm of the Fujisankei Communications Group (FCG).
FDG Entertainment 232009/2017
Feelplus 62009/2011
Felistella 19activeJP20102012/2017Founded by former Flight-Plan employees. Partially acquired by Idea Factory in April …
Feng 32005/2009
Fenrir 31993/1995
FEO Media 1
Feral Interactive 74activeUK19981996/2019HQ: London, England Ports and publishes games for Mac OS X and occasionally for …
FIL 59deadFR198619881984/1988
Filcom 8JP1983/1983
Filimundus AB 12014/2014
Fill in Cafe 40deadJP198719981989/1998Key people: Masatoshi Imaizumi, Kanta Watanabe, Masaki Ukyo, Keishi Yonao
Fillet Creation 22001/2002
Fillmore 11988/1988
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