Companies with name starting with 'j'

J-Force 31994/1995
J-Wing 46JP1994/2003
J. Keyne 21983/1983
J. Morrison Micros 41983/1983
Jack of All Games 51998/2007
Jadestone 2activeSE20022005/2009Jadestone is a game development company founded in 2002 with headquarters in Stockholm …
Jagex Group 2activeUS2012/2012Fusion of Jagex Games Studio, tinyGIANT Games and SoCa Studios. Website: http …
Jagex 8activeUK20012001/2016Jagex Ltd. HQ: Cambridge, UK Founders: Andrew Gower, Paul Gower, Constant Tedder …
Jakyl 3
Jaleco USA 9deadUS198720021985/1993U.S. arm and subsidiary of Jaleco. Was merged with " VR-1 Entertainment" …
Jaleco 305deadJP197420141982/2010Subsidiary: Jaleco USA History: Jaleco Ltd. was founded as Japan Leisure Corporation …
JAM Productions 4deadUS199319941993/2014JAM Productions was started by Jim Row and Mike Maynard (JAM representing " …
JAMDAT Mobile 22004/2005
James Software 13UK1984/1986
Jamie active
Jane's Combat Simulations 1419951996/2000
Janis 401993/2009
Japan Art Media 161990/2007
Japan Home Video 21994/1994
Jast 421985/2016
Jast USA 13USA1996/2010
Jawx 111984/1987
Jaya Soft Vision 2TH2004/2005
JC Research 41996/1999
JE Software 1SE
Jellyvision 241995/2011
Jester Interactive 52001/2004
Jet Black Games 22009/2010
Jetsoft 61983/1984
JGI Entertainment 32006/2007
JHC Software 21997/1998
Jirbo 122008/2008
Jisan Moble Software 31999/1999
Jiss JAP2004
JMF 21982/1983
John Sands Electronics 16AU18371983/1984John Sands (Australia) Ltd. produces and distributes greeting cards in Australasia …
John Tiller Software
Johnson Scanatron Ltd 11986/1986
JoinDots 182009/2018
Jolt Country 112000/2011
Jon Persky Games 31992/1992
Jonny Comics 32001/2002
Jordan 131992/2003
Jorudan 61988/2009
JoWooD Productions 93activeAT19951995/2019Full name: JoWooD Productions Software AG Founder: Andreas Tobler HQ: Liezen …
JoyBits 16UK2011/2018
Joyco Games 1
JOYIMPACT 2activeKR19992002/2004HanbitSoft's game studio. Website:
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