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Aackosoft 24deadNL198319881984/1988Aackosoft International. Also published games under its labels Eurosoft, Eaglesoft …
BestBuys 1activeNL2001/2001BestBuys Interactive is a budget PC game publisher based in Putten, the Netherlands …
ByteBusters 15deadNL198319881985/1987Label and name of the development team of Aackosoft
Davilex 27deadNL199720051998/2005Dutch developer and publisher founded in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, in 1997. Focused …
Eaglesoft 25deadNL198319881985/1989Label of Aackosoft
Engine Software 13activeNL19952009/2019Website:
Eurosoft 12deadNL198319881985/1990Label of Aackosoft
Girl Games - Vasco Games 1NL
Lighthouse Interactive 14deadNL20092005/2009HQ: Haarlem, Netherlands ... offices also in Canada (Toronto, Montreal) and UK ( …
Methodic Solutions 18deadNL198319881987/1988Label of Aackosoft
MobileGames 1NL
OrangePixel 20NL1999/2017
Philips 217NL197819961978/2008
Phoenix Games Group 130deadNL1999/2009A European publisher & developer of 3rd party & in-house games. The focus on budget …
Radarsoft 31NL19?1984/1987
Ronimo Games 13activeNL2009/2016Trivia: Ronimo supposedly stands for Robot Ninja Monkeys.
Team6 Game Studios 17activeNL20032001/2014Privately owned development studio based in Assen, the Netherlands. Team6 develop …
The Lordz Games Studio 6activeNL20062008/2011Website: The Lordz Games Studio is a privately …
TrimcoGames 2NL
Triumph Studios 21activeNL19971999/2019HQ: Delft Website:
Two Tribes 28activeNL20002001/2018Two Tribes B.V. HQ: Amersfoort Website:
VascoGames 1NL
Vertigo Games 12activeNL2009/2019An Dutch indy developer.
Xing Interactive 11activeNL20012002/2005Entertainment software publisher based in Assen, the Netherlands. Website: xinginteractive …
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