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11 bit studios 40activePL2011/2019HQ: Warsaw Website:
California Dreams 29deadPL198719911987/1991
CD Projekt 19activePL19941997/2015Gained popularity by publishing fully translated Polish versions of internationally …
CD Projekt RED 18activePL2007/2020Development studio of CD Projekt.
Cenega 18activePL20001998/2007Cenega stands for Central European Games. HQ: Warsaw, Poland Handles distribution …
City Interactive S.A. 38activePL20022003/2017Created as a merger of Lemon Interactive (a publisher) and two developer studios …
Destructive Creations 4activePL2015/2019HQ: Gliwice Website:
Digital Melody 9PL2015/2017
Ehnenu 2activePL20112013/2017HQ: Bialystok
EXOR Studios 7activePL2009/2017HQ: Szczecin Website:
Flying Wild Hog 19activePL2011/2016Website:
Forever Entertainment 52PL2013/2018
Frontline Studios 12activePL2004/2011Website:
IMGN.PRO 7activePL2014/2018
Infinite Dreams 17PL2002/2017"We make supercool games that you want to play! :)"
Intoxicate Studios 1deadPL20152011/2011Founder: Tomasz Majka Filed for bankruptcy on 2015-06-08 after legal case with …
LK Avalon 42deadPL19891991/2004Polish publisher and developer based in Rzeszów.
Magory 2PL2011/2011
Metropolis Software 17deadPL199220091993/2009HQ: Warsaw Acquired by CD Projeck in 2008-02, closed down in ~2009 when employees …
Nibris 1PL2009/2009
Nicolas Entertainment Group 1activePL2011/2011Website:
Paridae 1PL
People Can Fly 19activePL20022004/2021Founder: Adrian Chmielarz HQ: Warsaw Subsidiary of Epic Games as of 2007-08- …
Reality Pump 30activePL20011997/2017Formerly nameless in-house development studio for TopWare (formed in 1995), but …
Rebelmind 6PL19991997/2006Website:
Silden 3activePL2011/2013
Tabasco Interactive 5PL2015/2015
Tate Interactive 17PL20032006/2013Formerly known as X-Ray Interactive.
Techland 53activePL1995/2019Website: The company was mainly known for localizing titles …
Teyon 38activePL20062010/2016HQ: Kraków, Poland ... office also in Japan. Website:
The Farm 51 10activePL20052009/2017Founders: Wojtek Pazdur, Kamil Bilczynski, Robert Siejka HQ: Gliwice Website …
Toucan Studio 1activePL20162016/2016An IT specialist, unity developer, graphic designer, and artist (4 gamers) who meet …
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