Companies by country - South Korea

APROMAN 1KR1989/1989
Blueside 6activeKR2005/2017BLUESIDE Inc. HQ: Seoul, Korea Originally Blueside Studio but changed to BLUESIDE …
Com2uS 20activeKR19982008/2012Com2uS has been spearheading the mobile game industry since its inception in 1998 …
Daou Infosys 3deadKR19901992/1993This company publishes original & unauthorised games of sometimes questionable infringement …
DIGITALIC 2activeKR2002/2009
Dooyong 12KR1990/1996
Dynamique Games 1KR
EXORUN 1KR2016/2016
Eya Interactive 2activeKR20042004/2007Website:
Gamevil 29activeKR20002009/2012Gamevil Inc. (trademarked in capitals as GAMEVIL) ((주)게임빌) is a privately …
GRAVITY 9activeKR20001995/2012GRAVITY Co., Ltd. Gravity Corporation 그라비티 주식회사 Gravity Interactive …
Hangame 5activeKR19992004/2012Parent company: NHN Not to be confused with Hangame Japan which is their Japanese …
JOYIMPACT 2activeKR19992002/2004HanbitSoft's game studio. Website:
LG 3activeKR19471996/1996
Magic Cube 4KR2013/2013
Mirinae Software 4deadKR198719991993/1996
Mobirix 3KR
Mr.Games 1KR
Nanoo 1KR
NCsoft 23activeKR19971998/2017Studios: * Seoul * NorCal
Nexon GT 3activeKR2005/2006Official website:
Nexon 21KR1996/2015
Ons On Soft 1activeKR20042007/2007Website:
Pancakegames 1KR
SDEnternet 1activeKR2002/2002Website:
SoftMax 21activeKR1994/2009Website:
Softnyx 3activeKR2004/2007Website:,
Sonnori 8KR1994/2008
TabomSoft 1KR
Team.R 1KR
Topia 1deadKR198319961989/1989
Webzen 9activeKR20002001/2012Webzen Games Inc.
WeMade Entertainment 2activeKR20072001/2009Website:,
WindySoft 2activeKR2006/2009Website:
XLGAMES 2activeKR20032005/2013Website:
Yun Sung 17KR1994/2002
36 companies.

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