Companies with name starting with 'a'

A Jolly Corpse 62013/2015
A Sharp 41999/2019
A Wave 16JP1990/1998
A-Inn 91988/1996
A-Max 6JP1994/2004
A-Team 42008/2011
A. Eddy Goldfarb 11985/1985
A.D.A. Soft 21983/1983
A.I 3activeJP19901989/1994
A.K Games 1IL
A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing 2deadUS198019891982/1982It's a magazine, the title of which actually stands for Atari Newsletter And a Lot …
A.R. Software 31983/1984
A.S.K. Software 81983/1985
A&B Adventure Software 7
A&F Software 43deadUK1981/1987Also known as A'n'F Software. British publisher and developer, active …
A&S Soft 101986/1989
A+ Magazine
A1 Games 101997/2003
A2M 59activeCA19922000/2010
AA Software 31985/1985
Aackosoft 24deadNL198319881984/1988Aackosoft International. Also published games under its labels Eurosoft, Eaglesoft …
Aardvark Software 131983/1989
Aaron Bishop Games 3active2007/2007Website:
Aaru 131988/2004
ABA Games 212000/2015
ABA 7JP1992/1992General Business Assist
ABABO 32010/2013
Abacus Programs 91982/1984
Abbex Software 71982/1987
ABBUC 21989/1998
ABC 4dead1991/1996
ABC Sports 31993/1997
Abel 7activeJAP2000/2007Mainly Dreamcast developer.
Abersoft 141982/1994
Able 4activeJP19861986/2004
ABM 31994/1997
Abogado Powers 6JP1995/2002アボガドパワーズ
Abramedia 81997/1999
Abrasco 61983/1984
AbsoLogix 1HK
Absolute Entertainment 52deadUS198619951987/2003"Founded in 1986 by former Activision employees Dan and Garry Kitchen, Alex …
Absolutist 25activeUA20002000/2016Mission: To provide each customer with quality non-stop gaming experience on all …
Abstraction Games 282008/2016
Abusesoft 21999/1999
Abylight 32009/2011
Academy Software 21983/1983
AcademySoft 41986/1989
Accelerated Software 3198319841983/1984
Acceleroto 2US2016/2016
Accent Publications 101983/1984
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