Companies with name starting with 'l'

L3Solutions 4
Lace Mamba 42009/2012
Laguna 31995/1997
Laika Studio 1RU
Lambourne Games 71984/1993
Laminar Research 221999/2016
Lancarse 22010/2012
Land Ho! 62007/2015
Lankhor 56deadFR198720011986/2002
Lapland Studio 32010/2011
Large Animal Games 22004/2009
Larian Studios 16activeBE19961999/2017Website:
Larva Labs 2
Laser Beam 61991/1996
Laser Dog 5UK2016/2017
Laser Soft 15boughtJP19881989/1993Subsidiary of Telenet Japen and merged in 1991 with Wolfteam.
Laserbrain Studios 1activeDK20119999/0
Lasersoft 621990/1996
Lass 3JP2004/2011Website:
Last 17 42013/2013
Last Day of Work 11activeUS20021998/2009LDW Software Founded by Arthur K. Humphrey and Carla Humphrey Based in San …
Last Dimension 71988/2015
Last Rail Productions 32012/2013
Laughing Jackal 122011/2015
Lava Lord Games 22004/2004
Lay-Up 51996/1999
Lazy 8 Studios 62009/2014
Le.Chocolat 72005/2006
Leaf 231996/2018
League of Geeks 62015/2018
Leapfrog 262004/2012
Leaping Lizard Software 31998/2004
Left Behind Games 162003/2011
Left Field 61993/2004
Left Field Productions 241993/2009
Legacy Interactive 24activeUS19981999/2013HQ: Hollywood, California Website:
Legend Entertainment 22deadUS198920041990/2012Acquired by GT Interactive in 1998. IP currently owned by Atari (former Infogrames …
Legend Software 11deadFR19921988/1990
Legendo 82007/2012
Lego Media 22DK1999/2010
Leijac 21980/1980
Leikir Studio 2activeFR2015/2016Website:
Leisure Genius 541983/1990
Leland 22name changed198719941987/1994Previously Cinematronics/Vectorbeam
Lemma Soft 32012/2013
Lemon 31996/1997
Lemon Games 32011/2011
Lenar 12deadJP19861986/1994
Lerner Research 41986/1987
181 companies.

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