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1C Company 119activeRU19911998/2019One of the largest independent Russian software developers and publishers. Фирма & …
Akella 80activeRU19951995/2012Акелла Website:
Apeiron 4activeRU2006/2009Апейрон Website:
Appscraft 1RU
Astrum Nival 1activeRU20062009/2009Formerly: Astrum Online Entertainment? HQ: Moscow Subsidiary of Nival Online …
Biart Studio 14activeRU20072010/2014Founder: Konstantin Popov HQ: Moscow Website:
BlackBears 1RU
Buka Entertainment 35boughtRU199320081998/2015Mainly works as publisher and distributor. Localizes foreign games. Bought out …
Burut 9activeRU2001/2011Website:
Carbomb Software 1RU
Cats Who Play 1activeRU2009/2009Cats who play CJSC Website:
Digital Garbage 1RU
Eagle Dynamics 5activeRU19912003/2012Website: Eagle Dynamics focuses on creating …
Eight Points 3activeRU2016/2019HQ: Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia Website:
Gaijin Entertainment 30activeRU20012004/2016HQ: Moscow ... and an office in Alexandria, Virginia (USA) Website: http://gaijinent …
Game Factory Interactive 12RU2004/2012Not to be confused with The Game Factory.
GD-Team 3activeRU2009/2012Full name: GD-Team Ltd. Website:
GFI Russia 5activeRU19962003/2011HQ: Zelenograd, Moscow Bought by GFI in 2003, and later in 2006 renamed to GFI …
HeroCraft 21activeRU2007/2018Mobile game developer and publisher based in Russia. Website: http://www.herocraft …
Hypercraft 1RU
Ice-Pick Lodge 9activeRU20022005/2019Website:
Ino-Co 6activeRU20042007/2011Subsidiary of 1C. Website:
KD Vision 2activeRU2007/2009Formerly: K-D Lab HQ: Kaliningrad Website:
Laika Studio 1RU
Lesta Studio 7activeRU20032003/2013Website:
MADia Entertainment 3activeRU2001/2005Website:
Mine Games Craft 1RU
Moonworks 4activeRU2015/2015Website:
ND Games 10activeRU19912001/2010Native name: Новый Диск (Noviy Disk or Novyj Disk) Website: http://www …
Nival Interactive 33activeRU19982000/2018a.k.a. Nival Entertainment Formerly: Mir Dialogue (1996-1998) http://www.nival …
Nival Online 4activeRU2005/2009Subsidiary of Astrum Online Entertainment. Website: …
OrangeApps Games 1RU
Parallax Arts Studio 3deadRU20082005/2008HQ: St. Petersburg, Russia ... some sites claim their main office is at Georgia …
Phantomery Interactive 2activeRU2008/2010HQ: St. Petersburg Website:
Play Ten Interactive 2activeRU20052008/2008
Primal Software 4activeRU19982002/2007Formerly: SBG Co. Ltd.
Quazar Studio 3activeRU2007/2009Website:
Rainbow Games 1activeRU2010/2010A small studio developing casual games, based in Voronezh, Russia.
Rixel Studio 3RU2002/2002
Russobit-M 12activeRU2000/2011Website:
Sulus Games 2activeRU20062010/2010Sulus Games, LLC is a Russian casual and mobile games developer founded in 2006. …
TaigaGames 1RU
Targem Games 25activeRU20022003/2017HQ: Ekaterinburg Website:
Terminal: Russia 2RU1988/1988
Totem Games 5activeRU20082008/2011Website:
Trashmasters 3activeRU20002011/2012Website:
Wacha 1RU
Whalebox Studio 2activeRU2016/2016HQ: Novosibirsk
World Forge 2activeRU20042008/2008Website:
X-bow Software 5deadRU19982005/2010HQ: Krasnodar (Краснодар) Website: ( backup …
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