Companies with name starting with 'u'

U me Soft 2JAP20042001/2004
U-Me Soft 71995/2002
U.S. Army 62002/2009
U.S. Gold 705boughtUK198419951983/1996Their primary purpose was to publish popular American Commodore 64 games in the …
U.T.S. 111983/1983
UA Limited 301982/1983
UAB Applava 1
Uber Entertainment 11activeUS20082011/2015Uber Entertainment, Inc. HQ: Kirkland, WA Website:
Ubi Soft 574name changedFR198620031986/2007Ubi Soft Entertainment S.A, an educational software and video game publishing and …
Ubisoft Bucharest 42009/2014
Ubisoft Casablanca 52005/2013
Ubisoft Chengdu 2activeCN20072010/2010Ubisoft's developer studio in Chengdu, China.
Ubisoft Massive 15activeSE2000/2019
Ubisoft Milan 9IT2003/2013
Ubisoft Montpellier 38FR2003/2014Formerly Yeti Interactive. Located in Montpellier, France.
Ubisoft Montreal Studios 72006/2008
Ubisoft Montreal 180activeCA19972001/2020HQ: Montreal, Quebec Founded as subsidiary of Ubisoft in 1997. Website: http …
Ubisoft Paris 57activeFR2003/2019HQ: Paris, France
Ubisoft Quebec City 11CA2006/2012
Ubisoft Reflections 172008/2016
Ubisoft Romania 13RO2005/2010
Ubisoft Shanghai 25CN2003/2018
Ubisoft Singapore 5SG2009/2019
Ubisoft Toronto 16CA2013/2018
Ubisoft Vancouver 22009/2010
Ubisoft 948activeFR20031991/2020Formerly Ubi Soft until 2003-09. Studios: - Barcelona - Bucharest - Casablanca …
UCom 91994/1996
UDS 15activeSE19931995/2015UDS is an interactive entertainment developer based in Norrköping and Gothenburg …
UEP Systems 61996/2000
UFO Interactive 40activeUS19991998/2012
UIG Entertainment 72010/2015
Uken Games 3
Ukiyotei 41993/1998
Ulerior Motoives 21989/1989
Ultimate Play The Game 51deadUK198219881983/1988Founders: Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper Parent company: Ashby Computers & Graphics …
Ultimation 31998/2002
Ultisoft 31998/1998
Ultra Games 30deadUS198819921987/1991Subsidiary of Konami of America. Created to bypass Nintendo's limit of 5 games per …
Ultrasoft 101983/1994
Ume Soft 4JP1999/2009
UMI 81981/1982
Umitsuki Productions 31997/1998
Unbalance 101998/2003
Undead Labs 3activeUS20092013/2013Founder: Jeff Strain HQ: Seattle, Washington formed with the goal of building …
Undergr0und Games 1ES
Undermoon 2activeJP2005/2008アンダームーン Website:
Understanding 31983/1984
Unexpected Development 141993/1995
Unico 8JAP1994/2001
Unicon Designs 21987/1988
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