Companies with name starting with 'm'

M no Violet 3JAP20042004/2008
M.A Software 152005/2008
M.A.D. Games 31986/1987
M.I.N 71990/1991
M07 Games 22015/2016
M2H 62014/2017
Macadamia 6JP198619861985/1986
Machatin 22008/2009
Machine Zone 12013/2013
MachineGames 11activeSE20092014/2017Founders: Fredrik Ljungdahl, Jerk Gustafsson, Jens Matthies, Jim Kjellin, Kjell …
MachineWorks Northwest 7activeUS19972007/2010MachineWorks NorthWest LLC is a privately held of development games, founded in …
Macmillan 541983/2000
MacPlay 36boughtUS19901989/2007A publisher of Macintosh games & a subsidiary of Interplay, sort of. The MacPlay …
Macrocom 2US1984/1987
Macsen Software 23deadUK19871984/1987
MacSoft 34activeUS19931987/2008
Mad Catz 9activeUS19892004/2012
Mad Doc Software 10name changedUS19992000/2007
Mad Engine 21993/1996'Mad Engine' is the translated name of Makh-Shevet LTD, an company based in Israel …
Mad Hatter Software 41978/1980
Mad Monkey Studio 4deadFR200320112004/2008
Madara project 21993/1996
MadFinger Games 72009/2013
MADia Entertainment 3activeRU2001/2005Website:
MadMan Theory Games 82013/2013
Maelstrom Games 19deadUK19871987/1996
MAG Interactive 52012/2014
Magenta Software 111999/2008
Magic Bytes 86deadDE198619991987/1999
Magic Cube 4KR2013/2013
Magic Disk 51989/1992
Magic Pockets 18FR19942002/2017 …
Magic Soft 151983/1996
Magic Wand Productions 42004/2008
Magical Company 23JP19931992/2004Up to 1993 this Japanese developer was known as "Home Data".
MagicalTimeBean 92012/2014
Magifact 21993/1995
Magination Software 21984/1984
Magitech 32001/2009
Magma Mobile 4
Magmic 12009/2009
Magna Media 51992/1996
Magnavox 75deadUS191719991972/1983The consumer electronics division was purchased by Phillips in 1974. The name remains …
Magnetic Alpha 1
Magnetic Fields 23deadUK1989/1996Formerly known as "Mr. Chip Software".
Magnetic Images 51988/1989
Magnetic Realms 7activeJP2013/2016Founder: Matt Fielding HQ: Tokyo Website:
Magnetic Scrolls 61UK198619901985/1993
Magnificent 7 61986/1986
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