Companies with name starting with 'i'

I-Imagine 52002/2007
I-Motion Interactive 21992/1994
I-play 31boughtUK19981995/2010Mobile phone games publisher/developer. Taken over by Oberon Media in 2007
I.G.S. 40active199020011991/2008Short for 'International Games System'
I.J.K. Software 61982/1982
I.Magic 2JP1998/2003
I.R.G. 11983/1983
I.S.C. 31991/1993
I'MAX 52JP1982/2002
i4 4JP1998/2004
I4 Corporation 31999/2005
i6 Games 2
Iber Soft 161986/1989
IBIS 31995/1997
IBM 84US19841957/2008
Icarus 21999/1999
Icarus Studios 32009/2012
Icculus 31activeWOR1999/2018On 2017-08-21 Icculus (Ryan C. Gordon) announced that he was fully funded by Patreon …
Ice Adventure 1IN
Ice Game Studios 1activeSE2010/2010Website:
Ice Water Games 3US2015/2017
Ice-Pick Lodge 9activeRU20022005/2019Website:
ICE 32UK1989/1997From Glasgow, Scotland.
Iceberg Interactive 492007/2019
Ichikawa 21997/1999
Icom Simulations 431985/1993
Icon Design 671986/1989
Icon Games 112007/2011
Icon Software 61985/1985
ICS 101983/2001
id Software 130activeUS19911990/2020Founders: John Carmack, John Romero, Tom Hall, Adrian Carmack HQ: Mesquite, Texas …
Idea Factory 145activeJP1996/2019
Idea Software 15IT1986/1992
Idea-Tek 61990/1992
Ideas From the Deep 31989/2005
Ideas Pad 32010/2012
IdeaWorks 3D 52003/2009
Ides 201992/1997
IDHAS Studios 102011/2017
Idi Produktions 21983/1983
Idol Minds 91998/2007
IDSI Innovative Design Software 71981/1984
IE Institute 82006/2011
IFun4all 112010/2016
IGames Entertainment 1IN
IGG 5activeUS2006/2009Internet Gaming Gate Website:
Ignition 77JP20042002/2012
IGS 131991/2008
Iguana Entertainment 79deadUS199120041992/2016HQ: Austin, Texas Named Acclaim Studios Austin after 1999. Closed down in …
Iijima System Service 41983/1984
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