Companies with name starting with 'h'

h.a.n.d. 11activeJP19932006/2013
H&H Software 61984/1988
H2O 51997/2001
Hack and Slay Team 31987/1988
Hacker International 131990/1996
Haemimont Games 26activeBG19972000/2018
Haiku Games 1
Haip Creations 11989/1989
Haip Software 11988/1988
Hakuhodo 41996/1999
HAL America 81987/1992
HAL Laboratory 129activeJP19801981/2018Native: ハル研究所 Website:
HAL Takara 41983/1983
Halestorm 51994/1996
Halfbrick Studios 27activeAU20012002/2017
Halycon Media 62003/2013
Hamlet 41994/1996
HammerHead 41997/2000
Hammerware 3activeCS2011/2012Hammerware, s.r.o. HQ: Brno Website:
Hamster 381995/2017
Hanako Games 28active2006/2016Founder: Georgina Bensley Website:
HanbitSoft 52002/2009
Handheld Games 161999/2008
Handic Software 31983/1984
Handmade Software 81991/1994
Handmark 192003/2010
Hands-On Mobile 222005/2011
Handy Games 17DE2001/2017
Hangame 5activeKR19992004/2012Parent company: NHN Not to be confused with Hangame Japan which is their Japanese …
Hanna-Barbera 61994/1995
Haoh 5JAP20042001/2006
Hap 142006/2018
Happy Bytes 1US
Happy Happening 22007/2007
Happy Labs 1active2012/2012Founders: Jeffrey Chee, Kayee Chee Website:
Happy Planet Games 2
HappyGiant 22012/2012
HappyLatte 42009/2010
Harald Boegeholz 21982/1983
Hard Wired 11988/1988
Hard 46deadJP1986/1995
Hardcore Software 1Nothing to do with porn here! Authors of an early game for Apple II
Hardcore3D Wireless 22006/2010
Hardsuit Labs 12015/2015
Hardwood 21983/1984
Harebrained Schemes 23active2011/2018Website:
Haresoft 51984/1984
Harmonix 312003/2017
Harmonix Music Systems 9activeUS19952001/2015
Harsay 22014/2014
205 companies.

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