Companies with name starting with 'g'

G-Collections 19200120021996/2009
G-mode 14activeJP20002007/2019G-mode Co.,Ltd. Website:
G-Style 62012/2014
G.I. Games 21985/1985
G.J? 16activeJP2003/2014Note: The question mark is actual part of the company name, it means "Good …
G.rev 15JP2001/2012
G.U.E.S 21997/1998
G1M2 22010/2010
G3 Interactive 32000/2001
G4Box 32004/2009
G4M3 Studios 22013/2013
G5 Entertainment 21SE1997/2011
G5 Software 42003/2006
GabySoft 12010/2010
Gadtek Games 21987/1987
Gaelco 31activeSPA1990/2005It's name is an acronym for GAbinete ELectronico Consultivo
Gaga Communications 171995/1999
Gaia 152000/2010
Gaia Industries 22007/2007
Gaijin Entertainment 30activeRU20012004/2016HQ: Moscow ... and an office in Alexandria, Virginia (USA) Website: http://gaijinent …
Gaijin Games 29activeUS20072009/2013Founder: Alex Neuse HQ: Santa Cruz, California Website: http://www.gaijingames …
Gainax 63activeJAP199319951989/2012Japanese anime studio founded in 80's mostly known for animation series. Has made …
Gakken 10nomoregamesJP19471982/2012Mainly a book and magazine publishing company.
Gala Networks Europe 4activeIE20062006/2010Gala Networks Europe Limited Perhaps best known for running the gPotato game …
Gala-Net 5activeUS20042006/2008Perhaps best known for running the gPotato game portal, along with Gala Networks …
Galactic Software 51983/1983
GalaxyTrail 62014/2017
Gallica 11993/1993
Game Alliance 1US
Game Arts 89activeJP19851985/2013
Game Brains 32000/2007
Game Circus 1
Game Creation Society 19activeUS20102004/2011GCS is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University, dedicated to the …
Game Express 101991/1993
Game Factory Interactive 12RU2004/2012Not to be confused with The Game Factory.
Game Freak 55activeJP19891989/2019
Game Hive Corporation 1
Game in a Bottle 5HU2007/2015
Game Invest 52009/2009
Game Life 22008/2010
Game Mill Entertainment 132007/2012
Game On 22006/2007
Game Plan 61980/1993
Game Republic 12activeJP20052005/2011
Game Room 31992/1992
Game Studio 15JP19851986/2001Game Studio Corporation Ltd. 株式会社ゲームスタジオ (kabushiki gaisha …
GAME Technopolis 26deadJP1984/1994
Game Titan 52000/2002
GameArts 31991/2000
Gamebridge 62008/2012
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