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A2M 59activeCA19922000/2010
Alientrap Games 18activeCA2005/2017Jesse McGibney and Lee Vermeulen Website:
Artech Digital Productions 44activeCA19821986/2010Artech Digital Entertainment, Ltd. is a video game developer formed in 1982 in Ottawa …
Artifice Studio 2activeCA20122013/2015Website:
BattleGoat Studios 3activeCA19902005/2011
Beenox 33activeCA20002003/2015
Behaviour Interactive 35activeCA19921997/2016HQ: Quebec City Formerly: Artificial Mind and Movement, and Megatoon Entertainment …
BioWare 67activeCA19951996/2019Type: Corporation Subsidiary of Electronic Arts since 2007-10-11. Website: …
Blackbird Interactive 2activeCA20072016/2016HQ: Vancouver, British Columbia Website:
Brace Yourself Games 8activeCA20132015/2019Founder: Ryan Clark HQ: Vancouver Website:
Brutal Studio 2CA2016/2016
Budge Studios 2CA
Capybara Games 16activeCA2008/2018HQ: Toronto, Ontario Website:
Citérémis 2activeCA20052009/2013Type: Private Founder: Jonathan Mercier HQ: Sherbrooke, Québec Website: http …
ClickBOOM 5deadCA19941996/1999Best known for their ports of Quake and Myst for the Amiga computer during the late …
Digital Extremes 39activeCA19931993/2018Founder: James Schmalz HQ: London, Ontario Website: http://www.digitalextremes …
Distinctive Software 63boughtCA19911986/2007Distinctive Software, Inc. Called also DSI. (editor note: should not be recorded …
DreamCatcher 133activeCA19961996/2011Subsidiary of JoWooD (since 2006/11)
Eidos Montréal 25activeCA20072011/2018Website:
Extended Play Productions 6CA1993/1996Internal development team of EA Canada
Firebase Industries 2activeCA2011/2012HQ: Vancouver BC Website:
FireRabbit 1CA
Gaslamp Games 9activeCA2011/2016Founders: Nicholas Vining, Daniel Jacobsen, David Baumgart HQ: Vancouver, British …
Hothead Games 29activeCA20062008/2013Hothead Games is an independent game developer and publisher based in Canada. They …
Infinite Game Publishing 2deadCA201120142013/2013Filed for bankruptcy on October 1, 2014. Rights of MechWarrior Online – which …
Ironclad Games 4activeCA20032008/2015HQ: Burnaby, BC Type: Private Website:
Kerberos Productions 15activeCA20032006/2016HQ: Vancouver Website:
Kestrel games studio 1CA
Kitfox Games 4activeCA2014/2019HQ: Montreal
Klei Entertainment 37activeCA20052006/2019Founder: Jamie Cheng HQ: Vancouver, British Columbia Website: http://kleientertainment …
Ludeon Studios 3activeCA20132018/2018Founder: Tynan Sylvester HQ: Ottawa Website:
Max Games Studios 2CA
Meridian4 37activeCA2000/2017Website:
Mirum Studio 1CA
N.I.A.D. Software 9CA1984/1986Northern Illiana ADAM. A Christian based organization serving mostly Coleco ADAM …
Nine Dots Studio 5activeCA2012/2019HQ: Quebec Website:
Noodlecake Studios 17CA2010/2019
Propaganda Games 3activeCA20052008/2008HQ: Vancouver, British Columbia Owned by Disney Interactive Studios
Radical Entertainment 77activeCA19911991/2015
Relic Entertainment 31activeCA19971999/2017Founder: Alex Garden, Luke Moloney HQ: Vancouver, British Columbia Acquired …
Roadhouse Interactive 1activeCA20092013/2013HQ: Vancouver Website:
Silicon Knights 15activeCA19921992/2011Founder: Denis Dyack HQ: St. Catharines, Ontario Suffered a harsh blow in 2012 …
Sir-Tech Canada 3deadCA20031999/2014Sir-Tech Canada Limited See also: Sir-Tech
SkyBox Labs 1activeCA2013/2013SkyBox Labs is a game development studio based in Burnaby, British Columbia.
Software Dynamics 2deadCA19891984/1994Software Dynamics Inc. Website:
Strategy First 101activeCA19901999/2017HQ: Montreal, Quebec A rather controversial game publisher.
The Adventure Company 31activeCA20022002/2009branch of DreamCatcher Interactive Website: http://www.adventurecompanygames. …
Trapdoor 4activeCA20102010/2012Trapdoor Inc. HQ: Montreal, Canada Website:
Ubisoft Montreal 180activeCA19972001/2020HQ: Montreal, Quebec Founded as subsidiary of Ubisoft in 1997. Website: http …
Ubisoft Quebec City 11CA2006/2012
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