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--- 19deadUK198819911987/1994
--- boughtUK198419891985/1989
16-48 Magazine 30UK19851983/1985Tape magazine
21st Century Entertainment 40deadUK199119961991/2014Before 1991 was named "Hewson". "Spidersoft" brand was an in …
8th Day 19UK1984/1988Also known as "Eighth Day". They produced adventures with The Quill.
A&F Software 43deadUK1981/1987Also known as A'n'F Software. British publisher and developer, active …
Acornsoft 128deadUK198219861980/1991brands sold to Superior Software
Addictive Games 64deadUK198219931981/1993
Again Again 18deadUK198819911988/1990Label of Alternative Software.
Alternative Software 265activeUK19851983/2014
Ammonite Design Studios 3UK
Amstrad Action 4deadUK198519951988/1991Magazine published by Future Publishing that included user listings, utilities, …
Anco 142deadUK198620021984/2003Started in 1982 with all the most common home coputers. Previously "Anirog& …
App Design Company UK 1UK
Arc Developments 62UK1989/1997
Arena Entertainment 6boughtUK199119941991/1992Arena Entertainment was formed in 1991 to publish games from Mirrorsoft for Sega …
Arena Graphics 2deadUK19841984/1984Shell name for Archer MacLean.
Artronic Products 16deadUK198919901987/1990Formerly Cascade Games.
Atlantis Software 179UK198319911982/1992
Atom Mobile Applications 1UK
Audiogenic 163deadUK1981/1996
Auroch Digital 6activeUK2013/2018HQ: Bristol Website:
B.E.S. 11UK1984/1984Bourne Educational Software
BBC Multimedia 20UK1981/2012
Big Robot 6activeUK2012/2017Website:
Bizarre Creations 33boughtUK199420101991/2010Owned by Vivendi
Blade Interactive 27activeUK19982000/2009Blade Interactive Studios Ltd., known as Blade Interactive, is a privately owned …
Blitz Games 63deadUK199020132000/2011
Blue Ribbon 72deadUK198519911983/1989Budget-Label of CDS Software
BoomBit Games 2UK
Boss Baddie 5activeUK20092010/2012An indie development team. Website:
Bossa Studios 14activeUK2012/2017Website:
Bubble Bus 58UK198219881982/1989
Bullfrog 78deadUK198720041988/2012Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. Founded by Les Edgar and Peter Molyneux. Was merged …
Cascade Games 258name changedUK198319891982/1989Became Artronic in 1989.
CCS 94UK198219921982/1992Cases Computer Simulations
CDS Software 119name changedUK19821982/1991Also published games under its budget-label Blue Ribbon.
Century Electronics 14UK1981/1984Arcade developer
Channel 8 Software 19UK1982/1985
Cheetahsoft 6UK1983/1985
Climax Group 101activeUK19881991/2018Founder: Karl Jeffery Website:
Codemasters 801activeUK19851984/2019
ColePoweredGames 1UK
Colibri Games 5activeUK2011/2016Website:
Computer Artworks 5deadUK19932000/2006Computer Artworks Ltd. Founders: William Latham, Mark Atkinson Website: http …
Computing With the Amstrad 4deadUK198519881985/1988Magazine published in the UK and Australia.
Consult Software 34deadUK19861987/1991
Core Design 191boughtUK198820061985/2016Brands owned by Eidos when the company was closed.
Crash 27UK1988/1991UK Magazine
Crash Lab 1UK
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