Companies with name starting with 'e'

E-Game activeSWE
E-games 191998/2006
E-Sco Trading 21983/1983
E.F. Dreyer 31983/1984
E.S.P. 11981/1981
E&J Software 20UK1986/1989
EA Black Box 222004/2008
EA Bright Light 182009/2011
EA Canada 2141993/2016
EA Chicago 82005/2007
EA Los Angeles 30activeUS20002003/2010Formerly: DreamWorks Interactive (till 2000) In 2003, the company was merged …
EA Mobile 512005/2016
EA Montreal 122007/2011
EA North Carolina 12009/2009
EA Pacific 1deadUS20032003/2003Formerly: Westwood Pacific Merged to EA Los Angeles in 2003.
EA Partners 38activeUS2007/2012A co-publishing division of Electronic Arts where EA handles mainly distribution …
EA Phenomic 3deadDE200620132009/2012Formerly Phenomic Game Development. Owned by Electronic Arts. Closed down …
EA Salt Lake 32008/2009
EA Seattle 4deadUS199620021997/2002HQ: Seattle Formerly: Manley & Associates (1982 - 1996-01-29) Closed down …
EA Sports 4601991/2018
EA Sports Big 182002/2007
EA Tiburon 549activeUS19941991/2018
EA*Kids 3nomoregamesUS199319951993/1994EA*Kids was a sub-label of Electronic Arts, releasing only a handful games in their …
Eagle Dynamics 5activeRU19912003/2012Website: Eagle Dynamics focuses on creating …
Eagle Interactive 31997/1999
Eagle Software 21980/1986
Eaglesoft 25deadNL198319881985/1989Label of Aackosoft
Eaglesoft 25deadIT1985/1989
Eaglesoft 4deadIT19841987/1989
Eagleware 31995/1997
Eamon Adventurer's Guild 135activeUS19881987/2005The Eamon Adventurer's Guild was established as NEUC was being closed to publish …
Earthlight Productions 31999/2004
Earthware Computer Services 51984/1988
EAS Software 161988/1989
East Cube 5deadJP1987/1988
East Point Software 81994/2016Worked on porting Amiga games to DOS.
East Technology 41987/1991
eastasiasoft 16activeCN20072007/2018Independent, Hong Kong–based developer and publisher of interactive entertainment …
Easy Interactive 42011/2011
EasyGameStation 22006/2007
Ebi-Hime 122014/2016
eBrainyGames 10boughtUS19992001/2005
Ebury Software 21983/1984
EC Interactive 22005/2005
Eclipse 171984/2014
Eclipse Design 31990/1991
Eclipse Games 162011/2018
Eclipse Productions 41993/1999
Eclipse Software Design 101984/2000
252 companies.

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