Companies with name starting with 'w'

W Industries 21991/1996
W!Games 62007/2013
W.A.S.P. 21989/1991
Wacha 1RU
Waddingtons Games 21992/1992
Wadjet Eye Games 37activeUS20062001/2018HQ: East Village, NYC Website:
Waffle 32005/2007
Wah-Software 21997/1998
Wahoo Studios 42004/2011
Waka Manufacturing 21997/1998
Walking Circles 331987/1991
Walltone Software 31984/1984
Wanadoo Edition 46name changedFR200020031997/2004Usually appears simply as Wanadoo on logos. Games related division of Wanadoo …
Wanako Studios 52006/2010
Wani 41994/1996
War Balloon Games 22013/2014
Warashi 231995/2009 15activeUK19982003/2016HQ: London ... development studio in Belarus Website: …
Warhorse Studios 42015/2018
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 272activeUS19951984/2019Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc. WBIE WB Games Parent: Time Warner …
Warp 171994/2016
Warped Software NQI 11996/1996
Warsow 1active2006/2006Warsow is what the team that developed the game War§ow chose to call themselves …
Warthog 332000/2006
Wastelands Interactive 102009/2017
Watanabe Seisakusho 41998/2003
Watara 571991/1993
Watermill Productions 31985/1985
Wave Software 71993/1997
WaveQuest 21994/1994
Way Forward 32004/2005
WayForward Technologies 92activeUS1991/2016
Weathermine Software 21993/1996
Webfoot Technologies 161992/2008
Webzen 9activeKR20002001/2012Webzen Games Inc.
WeeBee Games 31988/1989
Weetabix 11984/1984
Weird Science 21997/1998
Weltenschmiede 7DE19901990/1995
WeMade Entertainment 2activeKR20072001/2009Website:,
Wendy Magazine 271989/1995
Werk 42005/2008
West Coast Entertainment 2
West Side 31990/1990
Western Technologies 51984/1995
Westka Entertainment 32000/2000
Westone 25activeJP19861986/2012
Westvision 5activeJAP200420052001/2006
Westwood Pacific 3name changedUS2000/2002Subsidiary of Westwood Studios Bought by EA and renamed to EA Pacific.
Westwood Studios 119deadUS198520031986/2016Known as Westwood Associates until 1992 Brands owned by Electronic Arts at the …
139 companies.

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