Companies with name starting with 'v'

V-System 11987/1987
V7 Entertainment 32017/2017
Valadon 31982/1984
Valcon Games 262003/2012
Valhalla Cats 1activeES20132015/2015Website:
Valkyrie 1JAP20042004/2004
Valkyrie Studios 4deadUS199720021999/2016Website:
ValuSoft 36activeUS19971997/2011Division of THQ. As the name implies, focuses on low cost products. Website …
Valve 96activeUS19961998/2020Valve Software / Valve Corporation https://www …
VAMflax 32013/2013
Vanguard Entertainment 81998/2014
Vanillaware 10activeJP20042007/2019Previously known as Puraguru from 2002 until 2004. They're known for their …
Vanpool 42003/2018
VAP 37activeJP19811986/1998Subsidiary of Nippon Television Holdings, Inc.
Varie 35deadJP198619971988/1997
VascoGames 1NL
Vatical Entertainment 201999/2001
Vblank Entertainment 292012/2020
VD-Dev 42015/2017
Vector 4
Vector Unit 92002/2017
Vectorbeam 5bought1978/1979Previously Cinematronics
VectorCell 6activeFR20052008/2013Founder: Paul Cuisset HQ: Champs sur Marne Subsidiary of Lexis Numerique.
Vectordean 19bought1989/1994
Vega Mobile 6activeFR20072009/2011Vega Mobile is a development company specializing in mobile devices, founded in …
Veggie Games 22004/2004
Vektor Grafix 2419881987/1992
Velez 32000/2005
Velocity 81989/1994
Venan Entertainment 32008/2010
Ventamatic 61983/1985
Venture Line 31981/1982
Verant Interactive 21997/2003
Vered Hagalil 21996/1996A chocolate company that has published a few games.
Versa Computing 1US1982/1982
Versaware 11981/1981
Versus Evil 25active2013/2019Website:
Vertex Pop 8activeCA20082015/2019
vertex4 2AT2007/2014vertex4 Entertainment Ltd. HQ: Vienna, Austria Website: http://www.vertex4 …
Vertigo Games 12activeNL2009/2019An Dutch indy developer.
Vertigo Gaming 42012/2017
Viable Software Alternatives 5activeUS19901991/2003Website:
Viacom 531993/2011
Vialek 1activeFR20072002/2002An atypical independent development studio dedicated to GNU/GPL and financed by …
Vic Tokai 58nomoregamesJP19771986/1998
Vic-Soft 51982/1982
Vicarious Visions 1071996/2018
Viccom 31994/1996
Vicious Byte 31999/2003
122 companies.

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