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Asantee 2BR2013/2013
Behold Studios 12activeBR20092012/2017Founders: Saulo Camarotti, Pedro Guerra, HQ: Brasilia Website: http://beholdstudios …
CCE 95activeBR19641978/1990The company Comércio de Componentes Eletrônicos (CCE) was founded in 1964 with …
Cyber Rhino Studios 4activeBR2015/2016HQ: Florianópolis
Foose Games 1BR
Gradiente 8BR1986/1999
Mauricio de Sousa Productions 1activeBR19502010/2010Founded in the 50s, by brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa, Mauricio de Sousa …
MiniBoss 9activeBR20102012/2015Founders: Pedro Medeiros, Amora Bettany Website:
Tec Toy 126name changedBR198720071985/2011Tec Toy has been responsible for many Portuguese game translations for games for …
9 companies.

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