Companies with name starting with 'r'

R-Rate 31993/1995
R&R Software 6UK1982/1989
Rabbit Software 48boughtUK19?1982/2016bought out by Virgin.
Rabid Viper Productions 32006/2007
Raccoon 51994/2005
Racdym 71996/1999
Racermate 41987/1987
Racjin 11JP19952001/2014Formerly: Racdym (until 2000) Based in Osaka, Japan …
Rack-It Hewson 6dead1987/1989A Budget label of Hewson
Radarsoft 31NL19?1984/1987
Radiance Software 71989/1993
Radiangames 6active2010/2014Website:
radiangames 13activeUS20102010/2014
Radica 21993/1994
Radical Dreamers 2002 62005/2008
Radical Entertainment 77activeCA19911991/2015
Radio Shack 341978/1993
Radioactive Gears 32014/2014
Radiola 51978/1980
Radon Labs 9activeDE19962002/2014
Rage Software 80deadUK199220031992/2005Rage Software Ltd. / Rage Games Ltd. Went bankrupt in 2003-01 and was bought …
RageSquid 62014/2018
Ragtime Games 22011/2011 6activeUK2009/2013Website:
Rain Games 112013/2017
Rainbird 1291985/1991
Rainbow Arts 154deadDE198419991985/2015
Rainbow Computing 2deadUS19761977/1980Rainbow Computing was a Los Angeles-based Apple II retailer and software publisher …
Rainbow Games 1activeRU2010/2010A small studio developing casual games, based in Voronezh, Russia.
Rainbow Productions 61985/1987
Rainbow Studios 331996/2009
Rainbow Vision 131982/1983
Rainmaker Software 2deadUS199319961993/1995Rainmaker Software was created by Bruce J. Mack and some friends. Their first game …
Rainy Frog 82013/2017
Raizing 231993/2009
Rajsoft 11990/1990
Rake in Grass 20activeCS2004/2015
Ramifications 11984/1984
Ramjam 121984/1987
Ramtek 71974/1979
Ramware 31981/1988
Random Access 281989/1991
Random Games 51984/2000
Random House 221983/1999
Raptisoft 22010/2011
Raptor 820042002/2006
Rapture Technologies 32000/2001
Rare 136activeUK19851982/2018Rare Ltd. Founders: Tim Stamper, Christ Stamper Parent company: Ashby Computers …
RaSeN 3JP2001/2005
Rasputin 51993/1994
274 companies.

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