Companies with name starting with 'x'

X-Ample 61989/1998
X-bow Software 5deadRU19982005/2010HQ: Krasnodar (Краснодар) Website: ( backup …
X-Nauts 52003/2009
X-Ray Interactive 22001/2001
Xain 91986/1989
Xantera 9US19981999/2000Company located in Salt Lake City, Utah, founded in April of 1998 by ex-Saffire …
Xanth Software 51987/1993
Xatrix Entertainment 101994/2015
Xaviant 1activeUS20072014/2014HQ: Cumming, Georgia Website:
XenoHorizon 12014/2014
Xi 3activeJP2008/2010A Japanese indie developer that focuses on vore eroge. Website: http://xi.rdy …
Xicat Interactive 301999/2006
XII Games 22012/2012
Xilam 22000/2001
XINESS 32016/2016
Xing Interactive 11activeNL20012002/2005Entertainment software publisher based in Assen, the Netherlands. Website: xinginteractive …
Xing 491995/2010
Xland Games 51989/1994
XLGAMES 2activeKR20032005/2013Website:
Xoanan 4
Xojoc 72015/2015
Xonox 24dead19831983/1984
Xoobis 22010/2012
XOR Corporation 1319871985/1989
Xortrapa Soft 71988/1990
XPEC 122003/2010
Xplosiv 42006/2008
Xpressed 22009/2010
XrucifiX 2active2006/2006Website:
XS Games 391995/2010
Xtalsoft 30deadJP19821984/1995
Xtreme Games 101995/1999
Xtreme Graphics Software 51994/1995
Xuse 11JAP20041998/2009
XXv Productions 22002/2004
XYPE 42000/2004
XYZ 71994/1997
37 companies.

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