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Spaceforce: Captains video game info


"Captain, enemy fleet ahead!"

Now it's your turn: discover, explore and conquer an entire Universe. But that won't be a picnic: the unique mix of turn-based strategy and role-playing will demand everything from your abilities. Choose between more than 100 individual Captains and upgrade your ships in almost unlimited different ways. Lead your customized squadrons into the fight with 6 distinct species and conquer solar system after solar system...

* 3 Campaigns, 24 Missions
* Six unique Species
* An Atmospheric 3D animated world with crisp graphics and a pulsating storyline with lots of side quests
* Addictive RPG elements will keep you on the edge with each Captain you command
* Decide battles against neutral squadrons, bands of pirates or opposing fleets in your favour by clever movements and foreseeing resource management
* Enhance and upgrade your space stations, your captains and fleets by discovering over 200 cutting-edge technologies
* Full Multiplayer support and an efficient map editor

source: www.jowood.com/?lang=en&site=2&gameid=spaceforce_CAP&pfid=PC

Spaceforce: Captains video game info