Improved search by game type

2018-09-30 (updated 2018-10-14)

A small improvement was made on the main search page, grouping the various game types in the following:

Selecting one of these will search for all the contained game types.
At the end of th elist I've left the game genres so we can still search for them until they will be finally replaced by tags.

Here is a quick example:

I'm still against having first-person shooter as its own choice among those, since it kinda makes needing third-person shooter, top-down shooter, and side-scrolling shooter also required. But we have perspective available separately.

And wasn't 3D deprecated ages ago?


And wasn't 3D deprecated ages ago?

I believe it was a technical reason why this could not be deleted.

In my opionion pinball could be removed as gametype as well and be put under action/reflex with tag pinball.

Yes, I could remove 3D as it almost useless.
But before removing the FPS genre all the actual FPS game should be tagged with the actually unused as it is handy to have it in a group. I could ry to do it right now actually.
And while on it that same will be done with pinball.

Tags and gametypes for pinball and FPS games are updated.
3D only removed from the search page (no alternative gametype exists) along with pinball and FPS.

The tool is there, so if something like this is need, just ask.
(turn-based is next ?)

Turn-based is very limited, yes. There's like 4 basic alternatives to it: turn-based, real-time, mixed (both at the same time [which is very rare]), and alternating (e.g. combat mode vs adventure mode).

I'd also point out I've never heard of the vs fighting games being called as brawlers. Brawler has been a synonym for beat 'em ups for as long as I've seen.

Any idea about a better name to comprise fighting and beat 'em ups ?
Or any idea about better grouping game types ?
We really need this high-level classification to help random users, offering then a proper list of sub-types.

There's generally nothing in-between action and fighting and brawling games, mostly because action games tend to just split into shooters, fighters, brawlers, and platformers, tho there's some that defy classification among action games (e.g. fast paced music games).