Iphone Menu Bug and 2021 slider


1. I very rarely browse websites on smartphones, so thats perhaps why this didnt come to my attention earlier. The upper UVL menu bar disappears on Iphone/Safari browser when the page is on the upper border. Normally the colored UVL becomes white and stays. It does work on Android, but on Iphone it disappears. The only way to access the menu is by scrolling down, then up a bit (without going full up) to keep the menu visible. I think this is a major problem with the usability of the site for those using Iphones.

2. Like last year I request that the year slider on the main page be adjusted to go to the current year, 2021.

The slider is now updated to 2021.

About the iPhone, yes it looks like an issue but I have no access to iPhones, especially now that I work from home due to Covid.
However you described the issue very clearly, I could try to fix it anyway.