Request for more external review score type possibilites

I would like to add magazines which gave 1-3 scores and 1-15 scores. So I request theses score systems to be added.

Secondly and on a much broader scale I would rather have the score system based per single issue or even per game. At the moment its fixed per magazine and when a magazine changes its score system we need to open up another "new" magazine. Mabye thats not possible, but wanted to mention it anyway.

Bump in the hope that at least the 2 score types can be added easily.

2021-02-21 (updated 2021-02-21)
I'm going to add the new score types today.

Having a different score type per issue would require an issue management that does not exists as right now the issues are derived from the review data.

As I need testing, can you give me the magazine data needed to create it so I can test it directly?


I have added a new test magazine, "Test Magazine 1-15" and seems to work.
Please edit the test magazine to the actual magazine.

I request a 1-50 score type. Found a magazine that has no real "final" score but five fixed sub-scores of 1-10. And non of the sub-scores is a "non-score" like difficulty rating. So I want to build the final score as the sum of the sub-scores. That would be closest to an overall score and makes the reviews usable in UVL.

Its a French magazine btw and I don't know if the sub-score "Richesse" could work as main score alone. Its the last of the sub-scores, but I don't really understand it. Is it equivalent to the english "value"? That might work as final score, because some english magazines have value as overall score. But I am not sure and would rather go with the 1-50 alternative I think.

Besides the still open 1-50 score type request I also request a 1-120 score type.

Besides the still open 1-50 score type request I also request a 1-120 score type.

Where did you find that obscurity? :D

The 120 is for "Amiga Magazin" which has a 0-12 score but with decimals. At the moment a game that has a score of 9,4 of 12 has a 9,0 of 12 in UVL. The 1-50 is for Science & Vie Micro (SVM), which I explain further up and use a 1-100 score right now as workaround.