I NEED to find a game!

2022-01-01 (updated 2022-01-02)
On playTv, there was a game that caught my attention! In it, a guy with big hands behind his back protected him and ripped out the hearts of his enemies to feed and recover HP. Does anyone know the name or have a tip for me to find this game?

Not enough specific info that would help finding the game. What system is this supposed to run on? PlayTV says nothing to me except watchint TV on it on a PS. So is it a PS3, PS4, PS5 game? What perspective is this game from. What genre? Was it a 3D or 2D game?

And I do not understand the "a guy with big hands behind his back protected him" part. Protected himself? Protected another person? Why would he have hands on his back?

If you can provide extra info and its a modern game I would suggest posting it in the Mobygames "Find a Game" section or in a bigger forum or reddit or similar that deals with the specific console or computer system that this game is supposed to run on.

Thanks to Wikipedia, look like PlayTV is both a PS3 add-on to view HDTV and a Brazilian TV channel, where I presume you could see video games ...
I think the latter is correct, so we have no idea of what platform the game was running on ...

2 days and 15 hours ago (updated 2 days and 15 hours ago)
Additional details would help greatly for finding it, like if this is first-person, third-person, or side-scroller. Anything about art style. Anything about the setting (fantasy, scifi, horror, or anything else more detailed). Rough period for when the game came out. And so forth.

There's bunch of games I can name where you have extra arms. But for protecting the protagonist or ripping hearts out? Nothing comes immediately to mind with the info given.

Recent example of games with extra arms are They Always Run and F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch, but I can't say if it involved the extra arm doing anything described by OP.