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The Tone Rebellion video game info


You control your little tribe of floaters in their quest to repel the evil of the Leviathan back and restore the Tone and their shattered world to its former glory.


The game is more managerial than strategy and doesn't have much lasting appeal as most of the time you just wait around. It is a bit unique in that the whole gameworld is in motion from the start. The islands are separated by these weird energy bridges which you have to activate first to use. Which brings me to one peculiar point in the game, you're supposed to find these artefacts to activate historical sites to gain wisdom on virtuous living so you can destroy the Leviathan's icons of loathing (or propaganda towers, I have no clue what they're) by countering each tower with counter propaganda (just matching the icons will do, no need to read any of it :b). In the end, it made me think this was supposed to be some sort of multiplayer game (has some options reminiscent of space strategy game skirmishes when starting up) but I can't imagine anyone would find this enough engaging for multiplayer.
The Tone Rebellion video game info