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2002-11-21 (updated 2014-10-18)

It's out there. And it's spreading. The creeping, poisonous menace is polluting the earth. The Seeder slowly, silently spreads the spores. Now it's up to you. To seek and destroy The Virus.

David Braben, co-author of the best-selling mega-game Elite has created another masterpiece - Virus.

Incredible 3D imagery puts you in control of a hoverplane, flying every which way in pursuit oif these killer genes. With scanners, laser cannons and heat-seeking missiles, you're armed for all-out combat.

But this is no ordinary fight. Virus brings to the screen the most startling graphics ever imagined! Experience superfast scrolling with twisting, curving, patchwork landscape below... and high-speed, low-level attack runs from above.

Beware. Virus is addictive. Infectious. And fun.

- Unique three-dimensional solid graphics puts Virus in a class of its own. The realistic contoured landscape and incredible light-source projected shadow effects are technological break-throughs.
- Superfast smooth scrolling with multi-directional movement and highly sensitive controla system - flight is virtually effortless.
- Arcade action and addictive gameplay provide hours and hours of fast, furious entertainment.
Virus video game info