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Gimbal is the multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles. Customize your weaponry, engines, and accessories, and then take to the skies against other pilots in real time.

Top-down 2D Shooter Gameplay
Realistic, cinematic visual style
Hard Sci-fi slant: Strict physics and combat dynamics

Real Time multiplayer for 16+ players over Internet/LAN
Integrated server browser
Player-hosted, highly customizable servers, with bots

Team Based Gameplay
Elimination and objective based game modes
Shared team sensor networks
Randomized map layouts

Rigid Body Physics engine with...
Per-Pixel hit detection

Completely customizable vehicles
Choose and mount every part - Down to engines, turrets and fins
Build for power, speed, durability, handling, and awareness
Money system - Win bounties and buy exclusive parts
Share fully functional ship designs as images on the Web

Customizable Controls
Mouse, Keyboard and Gamepad support

Indie Game Bonuses
No DLC. No multiplayer fees. You bought the whole game- you get the whole game.
No corporate gaming network. Zero restrictions and censorship.
Olde style community-run servers.
Gimbal video game info