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2003-09-14 (updated 2011-04-08)

The first chapter in The Forgotten Realms Epic. Play Ruins of Adventure, a Forgotten Realms AD&D game module based on this game.

A few defiant humans are trying to reclaim the war torn city of Phlan from bands of monsters. They plan to build a new city on the ruins of the old. It seems as though the monsters are organized under someone's command to prevent the rebuilding. The player commands a group of hired adventures to clear monsters from the city, from the city's surrounding defenses, and to investigate the source of the attacks.

The Apple and Commodore versions were simultaneously developed according to the article "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" by Croftward in "G.M. the Independent Fantasy Roleplaying Magazine", September 1988. Other versions originate from ports of one of these.
Pool of Radiance video game info