Fighting Angels

a.k.a. Simple 2000 Series Vol. 55: The Catfight: Onna Neko Densetsu / Simple 2000 Series Vol. 55: THE キャットファイト 女猫伝説

published by D3 Publisher / 505 Game Street in 2005-12, developed by Tamsoft, running on PlayStation 2
type: fighting
series: SIMPLE 2000
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn


Ten gorgeous women, the 'Catfighters', are called upon to engage in combat, but using only punches and kicks and some absolutely fabulous secret techniques!
Discover a fighting mode hitherto unseen: witness some silly and undignified attacks, sexy attacks which will leave onlookers astounded at their beauty and a lot more besides!
A new combat system, the Lethal Weapon Death Match, will push back all the boundaries of competition!
When the spectators get excited, objects objects such as baseball bats or chairs are thrown into the ring and the action really hots up!
OK, but is the machine gun allowed, it's not really a combat technique, but if this is a fight without rules, then let it be a fight without rules!
official description - # 2006

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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Fighting Angels in-game screen.
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Fighting Angels (PlayStation 2)
Fighting Angels (PlayStation 2)
Fighting Angels (PlayStation 2)
Fighting Angels (PlayStation 2)
Fighting Angels (PlayStation 2)
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