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Mad Dog McCree American Laser Games1992Outlaw Mad Dog McCree and his henchmen have taken over a Wild West frontier town! They've locked the sheriff in his own jail and are wrecking havoc in the saloon, the bank and the stable. The player is addressed as "Stranger" by the characters in the game, After a warm-up session of target shooting, the player sets about cleaning up the town. As townspeople are rescued, they give clues to reveal the whereabouts of Mad Dog's hideout. With sharp shooting, the player can eventually have a final showdown against Mad Dog McCree himself. Bonus rounds are awarded for shooting cow skulls and spittoons that appear intermittently in various scenes - it's a blast! labelimageminimize
Lethal Enforcers Konami1993 labelimageminimize
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold  American Laser Games1993 labelimageminimize
Who Shot Johnny Rock? American Laser Games1993 labelimageminimize
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters  Konami1994 labelimageminimize
Snatcher Konami1994English version published 1994-12 in North America and Europe. These versions had optional support for the Konami's Justifier light gun.

English versions censorship:
The Japanese version populates the Outer Haven with parodies of sci-fi characters from the movies Planet of the Apes, Alien, and 9 others (HELP). But the English version replace them with Konami characters. Bill Rizer and Lance Bean of the Contra series (who are actually parodies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone), Simon Belmont and Dracula from Castlevania,
Katrina is 14 in the Japanese version but 18 in the Englishversion, but still appears nude in both
In the death scene, Snatcher's breast is exposed in the Japanese version. But the topless snatchers are present in both versions.
A dying dog the twiches in the Japanes version is motionless in the English version
The Japanese snatchers look more like a T-800 endoskeleton from the Terminator movies series.