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Dark Sun: Shattered Lands SSI (SSI Special Projects Group)?labelminimizeminimize
Heroes of the Lance  SSI;U.S. Gold1988labelimageminimize
Dragons of Flame  SSI1989labelimageminimize
Hillsfar  SSI (Westwood Associates)1989labelimageminimize
Champions of Krynn SSI (SSI Special Projects Group)1990labelimageminimize
Curse of the Azure Bonds  SSI (Micro Magic)1990labelimageminimize
Pool of Radiance  SSI;U.S. Gold (Ubi Soft)1990labelimagesubject
Dragon Strike  SSI (Westwood Studios)1990labelimageminimize
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Sorcerer SSI;U.S. Gold1991labelimageminimize
Death Knights of Krynn SSI;Softgold (SSI Special Projects Group)1991labelimageminimize
Eye of the Beholder  SSI;U.S. Gold (Westwood Associates)1991labelimageminimize
Secret of the Silver Blades  SSI (Micro Magic)1991labelimageminimize
Dark Queen of Krynn SSI (MicroMagic)1992labelimageminimize
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon  SSI (Westwood Studios)1992labelimageminimize
Gateway to the Savage Frontier SSI;U.S. Gold (Beyond Software)1992labelminimizeminimize
Pools of Darkness SSI (SSI Special Projects Team)1992labelimageminimize
Treasures of the Savage Frontier SSI (Beyond Software)1992labelminimizeminimize
SpellJammer: Pirates of Realmspace SSI1993labelminimizeminimize