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North Atlantic Convoy Raider Avalon Hill (Microcomputer Games)1981labelimageminimize
The Battle of the Bulge: Tigers in the Snow SSI1981labelimageminimize
Battle for Normandy SSI (Tactical Design Group)1982labelimageminimize
Hellcat Ace  MicroProse1982labelimageminimize
Blue Max Synapse Software1983labelimageminimize
Knights of the Desert: The North African Campaign of 1941-1943 SSI (Tactical Design Group)1983labelimageminimize
Fifty Mission Crush  SSI1984labelimagesubject
Crusade in Europe MicroProse1985labelimageminimize
Kampfgruppe SSI1985labelimageminimize
Operation Market Garden: Drive on Arnhem, September 1944 SSI1985labelimageminimize
Panzer Grenadier SSI1985labelimageminimize
Screaming Wings Red Rat1986labelimageminimize
GATO Atari (Xanth Software)1987labelimageminimize