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Replicates the gameplay of Galcon, a simple strategy game similar to Risk but more dependant on number of units than random chance.


Alternate names: Galactic Conquest-like, Swarm Defense
Name variations: swarm defence

The first video game about Galcon-like was released in 1995.

Unigine Corp, Hassey Enterprises and Omni Creative has published most of these games

This genre seems to be called "Swarm Defense" by some, though that name doesn't seem to have very wide adoption/recognition yet.

Currently it is unknown if Galactic Conquest (Galcon) - and games it was based on - prior to Phil Hassey's interpretation of the game used the same gameplay mechanic or not. If they did, the oldest game of this type is "Star Trek" for some 1970s mainframe computer. But since that name and some names after it besides Galcon are too vague or generic, there's no point in renaming this game type to them even if it is revealed they do play the same.

The gameplay can be condensed to: you have bases, these bases produce units (mostly) automatically, you send already produced units to other bases via the bases they're currently in, they fight and capture and such automatically at the target bases if there's any of that to do. Player has no direct control over units, everything is done via the bases.

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