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The first video game about Sport was released in 1986.

Zen Studios has published all these games

Animal sports1983 / 20063 games
DartsA game of throwing darts at a dartboard.1982 / 201393 games
MultisportCombination of several different sport disciplines. Often under the roof of one big competition or event, such as the Olympic games.1983 / 2012281 games
RacingYou can attend racing challenges, events, or gamble on them.1987 / 201940 games
Sports leaguescontainer group
Sports managementA sub-genre of sports and management simulations where player trains and manages a person or group of people and then sends them to a competition, which they watch as (completely) non-interactive event.1981 / 2018477 games
Winter sportsCombines sports associated with snow & ice or many other types of sports are typically played in winter instead of year-round or summer.1983 / 2016103 games